Best Foods for a Flat Stomach

Stomach bloating is an uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling, especially if planning for a special event. While exercise is the only thing that reduces your true stomach size, eating a few certain foods is possible to reduce bloating and make your stomach flatter.

Foods high in fiber, such as almonds, are great to eat to make your stomach flatter. Because of the high fiber content, as well as the amount of protein and vitamin E, they can stabilize blood-sugar levels that help prevent cravings, which can lead to weight gain due to overeating. Research has also found that almonds are able to block calories because of the composition of their cell walls, which are designed to help reduce the absorption of all of their fat.

Drinking water is also important as it helps to flush out the system, keeping it free of toxins and other elements that may contribute to bloating. Avoid drinking soda as carbonated drinks can trap gas in your stomach, which bloats your belly and wreaks havoc on any chances of having a flat tummy. It also helps the stomach feel full, so you are more likely to eat extra calories because of an empty feeling – next time, instead of reaching for the candy bowl, reach for the water glass.

Both of these elements – foods high in fiber and drinking water – also help to reduce constipation, which can cause destruction on any flat tummy. Exercising is also a good way to help reduce constipation, while burning more calories and physically making your stomach flatter. There are a few foods that have been revealed to promote a flat stomach. These include ginger, peppermint tea, parsley, pineapple and yogurts that have probiotics.  They are helpful in reducing bloating, and in turn will help flatten your stomach.

However, while there isn’t a magic food that can help you flatten your stomach, the way you eat can also contribute to your stomach size. Eating slowly can help as you will eat less food before you start feeling full. Another tip is to avoid eating three large meals a day and instead focus on eating four or five smaller meals so you spread your calories out. 

With smaller meals, your stomach won’t be as full and it will result in a flatter shape. Just make sure that you aren’t eating the same amount at the smaller meals as that can lead to weight gain as you potentially increase your calorie consumption by a third. If you choose to do several smaller meals, each meal should have fewer calories and it should take less food for you to feel full.


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