4 Ways to Combat Dry Winter Air in Your Home

During the winter months, everyone naturally wants to get cozy inside. However, what happens when the indoor air is causing dry skin and nose bleeds? During the winter months, the humidity is considerably lower. As a result, the air can get really dry inside. In order to combat the indoor dryness, consider the following four tips.

Insulate your home

Even though you might’ve locked the door and closed the windows, air can still seep in through the cracks. Knowing this, it’s a wise idea to insulate your home. Insulating your home will prevent even more dryness from permeating inside. Pay attention to any cracks or openings in your attic, windows and the doors. In the long run, you’ll also save a bit of money on your electric bill when your heat isn’t escaping outside.

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5 Wellness Influencers You Absolutely Must Follow on Instagram

Not getting enough sleep, skipping meals, eating junk food, not having enough time in the day to do some physical activity. Are these things familiar to you? 

Chances are you want to focus on wellness but due to the hectic and stressful schedule you are prevented. In order for all of this to change, you have to put yourself first and change your mindset. Then make a decision to finally start leading a healthy lifestyle

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Ways to Alleviate Baby Strains On Your Veins

Venous issues are a common, usually harmless part of pregnancy for some women, caused by significant changes in the body. During pregnancy, the mother’s blood volume can increase by 30-50% to support the growing fetus. The body also produces extra progesterone, a hormone that dilates the blood vessels. Additionally, the uterus can apply pressure to the inferior vena cava — a large vein that carries deoxygenated blood back to the heart from your legs and feet. 

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How Anxiety Affects Your Oral Health


Anxiety is closely related to all aspects of our life and it can affect each and everyone negatively. It is a common problem nowadays as it is caused by the busy and hectic lifestyles we lead, the daily pressure we feel at work and other things we seem unable to achieve. However, in order to avoid the negative effects of stress on our oral health, there are some steps we need to take. First, we must find the cause(s) of stress in our life. Then, we need to address them and decrease the stress factor somehow. Along the way, we need to deal with any of the existing dental problems caused by too much stress. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways stress affects your teeth and gums

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Understand the Fundamentals of CBD Oil

In our world today, it is almost impossible to avoid hearing many testimonials of the wonder of CBD. A lot of people claim that they have benefited from its many health benefits. The recent rise of CBD to the mainstream is one of the major reasons why many people do their own research to at least have a basic idea or understand what CBD oil is.

This is also the reason why we have decided to take a quick look at this amazing product in this article.

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4 Smart Upgrades for a More Convenient Home

As technology advances, so too does the potential for creating a more convenient home. Many of the issues that have long seemed part and parcel of owning a home can now be solved with the right apps and the right devices. Below are four smart upgrades that really can make your home much more convenient.

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How to Get Your Family Involved in Your New Community After a Move

Making new friends after a move can be challenging for kids and grown-ups alike. Despite that, getting plugged into a local community can be one of the most powerful ways to make your new neighborhood feel like home. To make the transition easier, here are a few suggestions on how the whole family can start building new connections. Continue reading “How to Get Your Family Involved in Your New Community After a Move”

Why Is It Important to Include Children in Decision Making

Good judgment and solid decision-making skills are some of the most important traits of a responsible adult. However, these skills aren’t inborn – they are taught. Whether by decades of experience or by your parents, the decision-making skills you carry made you into the man or woman you are today. 

Photo by Jude Beck 

However, those that earned their skills through experience know exactly how dangerous and ineffective that is. So, why not spare your children the danger and pain and teach them how to make decisions from a young age? 

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How to Add to Your Resume As a Beautician

A glowing resume is bound to help you land that beautician dream job. 

But what should be included in a basic resume? Generally, you will need a career summary, professional experience, education, skills/qualifications, and references. However, there are some things you should add to your resume as a beautician to make your resume even better.

Follow these simple tips to make your resume stand out against the rest!

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