Five Fun Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween 2020

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Halloween is going to look a little different this year as the country balances its love for the Halloween season with COVID-19 guidelines recommended by health authorities. Some people may go trick-or-treating while taking proper safety precautions and maintaining social distancing. Others may delight in the spooky season from the comfort of their homes.

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Humidifying Your Home the Smarter Way

Humidifying your home is so important during the winter. When we run the heat, it sucks the moisture out of the air in our homes. That leads to dry skin, dry nasal passages, and a lot of discomfort. If you’re like me, your hands get incredibly dry and eventually crack. Your nose gets itchy and raw. The back of your throat is constantly scratchy. It’s miserable. Humidifying your home is an excellent way to stave off all of that. When you have the proper level of humidity in the air, you’re a much happier camper. 

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4 Ideas for a Fun-Filled Family Road Trip Across the Country

Nothing says adventure quite like a family road trip across the country. Although it may be tempting to hop a plane to travel from coast to coast, there are plenty of memories to be made by turning your next family vacation into a road trip. While you may be envisioning tiring days of driving or siblings arguing, there are plenty of ways to keep a road trip far from boring. Check out these 4 ideas for a fun-filled family road trip across the country.

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4 Ways You Can Make the Bedrooms in Your Home More Energy Efficient

When it comes to maintaining an energy-efficient home, each room in your home makes a difference. While common areas, such as kitchens and living rooms, contribute a lot to the overall energy use of your home. It’s important to look at smaller rooms, such as bedrooms, to find energy savings, as well. The good news is that making changes to help improve the energy-effficiency of the bedrooms in your home can also make for a more enjoyable and relaxing space.

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7 Top Alternatives to Grass for Your Backyard

Thanks to all the movies where everyone has perfectly cut green laws everyone wants to have them perfect, but that is just not possible. A well maintained green lawn is like a status symbol. But if you are employed it is most likely that you don’t have the power or the will to trim your lawn for four hours every other day and water it perfectly. It is not only the time that needs to be put into it, it requires quite a lot of money to keep it looking spic and span. If you are not into all of that here are the top 7 alternatives for grass that look just as amazing as grass. 

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Why is Financial Planning Important?

Photo by Austin Distel 

Why is financial planning important? That’s a question that seems like it shouldn’t even have to be asked, and yet so many people aren’t really planning for their financial futures. They sock away a little here and there. Maybe they have a CD. However, that sporadic, hit-or-miss approach absolutely will not cut it for the future. Which is why it’s actually important to think about the answer to this question. Why is financial planning important? Mainly because you’re probably not doing it. 

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Living in Chicago Means History, Sports, Nightlife, and More

Living in Chicago is a great experience for those who love a lifestyle that is filled with things to see and do no matter what time of day or night it may be. This bustling city combines a rich history with spectacular architecture, amazing attractions that range from the educational to purely entertaining, some of the best food anywhere in the United States, the classic Chicago beachfront, and so much more. With so much going for this city, it’s easy to see why living in Chicago is so much fun for so many people. 

Photo by Blake Guidry 

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Ways to Bring Charm to Your Home’s Exterior

Bringing charm to your home’s exterior is quite important when it comes to being proud of the way your home looks. Think about it, when you want to make an impression on a first-time visitor to your home, chances are that they’ll already have an expectation before they’ve set a foot inside. Why? Well, because they’ve been already influenced by your home’s exterior. Here are the top six tips you can use in order to make the place as charming as possible.

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4 Tips For Better Stress Management

You probably know that stress is very bad for your overall health. But there’s a big difference between understanding that you need to reduce the stress in your life (and wanting to make it happen) and actually being able to do it. After all, many of the factors in our lives that cause us the most stress and anxiety are things that are out of our control. 

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