Outdoor Activities That Can Help With Anxiety

Being outside surrounded by nature brings up so many pleasant feelings. Just think about how you felt the last time you were out in nature and admiring the green scenery. In fact, studies show that being out in nature or anywhere there’s a green environment improves your mood drastically! With that being said, here are a few ideas on outdoor activities that you can do to help with your anxiety.

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Ways to Cure Social Media Addiction and Get Work Done

Social media addiction is a pandemic that we haven’t paid much attention to. Millions of people all over the world suffer from social media addiction. Pre-COVID, social media addiction was already a big thing, the COVID-19 came, and the world was forced to move online. This has come with its effects and consequences, and a significant result is that more people are addicted to the internet and social media.  Continue reading “Ways to Cure Social Media Addiction and Get Work Done”

Do You Get Anxiety Whenever You Travel or Tour Out?

When life begins to feel like each day is repeating itself, traveling is an activity much sought after. Usually, traveling is a medium to get away from the daily hustles and bustles, but it may be a source of fear and worry for people with travel anxiety. Taking a vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially, demands a heavy tax on the body and mind as there is a lot to contemplate. From the uncertainty of your vacation to traveling to a country without an adequate healthcare system, it is very challenging. 

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Tips On Taking Care Of Your Teeth 

‘You have nice teeth.’ These four words could be the best compliment you will ever receive because guess what? A compliment like this could make your day and give you a significant boost of self-esteem. So what are nice teeth, and how do you get them? These are teeth that do not only look good but are also healthy. They are also not something you just wake up to in the morning but could take you a lifetime of care to attain. So why do we need good teeth? Apart from the appeal they add to our features, they are also healthy to have. Good teeth are a sign we are taking care of our bodies and eating right. After all, aren’t we what we eat? Well, so are our teeth!

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How Does Too Much Sugar Consumption Affect Your Body?

So many people have been victims of a high sugar intake when they don’t even realize it. According to dietary guidelines, the total calories derived from sugar in a day should be no more than 10%. That means that if your daily intake consists of 1800 calories, then 180 calories should be from sugar. World Health Organization advises that this amount be deducted and says it is safe if a person keeps sugar to 5%. That means that if your daily intake is 1800 calories, let 90 be from sugar.

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Is Lectin the New Gluten?

Pick any aisle in the grocery store, and you will likely be able to find something containing lectin. In fact, you’ve probably seen it as an ingredient on labels for many types of food. In the past, lectin has not been the subject of scrutiny as much as gluten, but now, in light of recent scientific discoveries and debates, lectin is being hailed by some as the new gluten.

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How to Wake Up to Perfect Skin Everyday

There is no doubt that it is normal for many of us to wake up and find some imperfections in our skin. However, we all want to wake up with glowy skin and feeling more refreshed. No miracle can happen overnight to achieve great skin but here are a few things we can try to ensure it is close to perfect when we wake up!

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Tips For Natural Stress Relief

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Having a family is a great source of strength and support. Unfortunately, though, it’s also a significant source of stress. Managing day-to-day domestic responsibilities, along with juggling our kids’ activities and obligations, can cause even the calmest among us to break down every once in a while. Stress does more than cause us emotional pain and strain our relationships with our loved ones — it also causes clear physical symptoms that can only make matters worse. For example, if we allow stress to interrupt our sleep patterns, our patience can become even shorter. With less patience, it can become even easier to stress about something — and the process repeats itself. Stress won’t just go away on its own. It’s a condition that you need to treat as seriously as you would any other type of illness before the symptoms become worse. 

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7 Critical Health and Wellness Tips You Probably Have Ignored In the Past

Health and wellness are essential aspects of life that many people ignore. They may not be aware of the importance of improving health and wellness because it is not something they think about on a day-to-day basis. This blog post will discuss seven tips for improving your health and well-being that you may have otherwise ignored in the past. Continue reading “7 Critical Health and Wellness Tips You Probably Have Ignored In the Past”

Four Ways to Keep Kids Busy this Summer

As the schools break up for summer, you might be left wondering how you can best entertain a house full of excited kids over the next few weeks. You might have to work throughout the summer vacation and as such, your kids might be left to entertain themselves for a large part of it. Furthermore, with travel continuing to be difficult due to COVID, you might have decided to avoid going away on vacation this year. With all that being said, how can you ensure that your kids have a fun and enjoyable summer vacation? To give you some ideas, here are four ways to keep kids busy this summer.

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