4 Winter Pests to Look out for in Your Home This Year

When winter comes and you find snow falling to the ground and the wind howling outside, the warmth of your home can feel like a blessing when you don’t have to trek outside. However, you aren’t the only guest in your home that feels that way. There are guests with multiple legs and a thousand eyes that also inhabit and make their way into your home in the wintertime, even if you don’t notice them. Here are four pests that make your home their place during this time of the year.


Asian lady beetles are a variety of species of beetles that are typically referred to as ladybugs. They’re a common winter bug that can infiltrate your home. The orange-red beetles with black spots on their backs enjoy spending their winter months hibernating in large groups in places that are warm. And that warm spot is often the interior of your home.

Ladybugs don’t actually do any damage to your home, however, they can pose as a problem. They secrete an awful smelling chemical if they’re disturbed or end up getting squished and they often release a yellow fluid that can stain furniture and walls if they’re stressed.

If you find yourself having a ladybug problem call pest control or vacuum them up and deposit them outside.


Stinkbugs are the bane of everyone’s existence and don’t need much explanation. We’ve all encountered them at some point or another in our life. Don’t squish them because as their name implies: they stink!

Boxelder Bug

These bugs make spiders look pleasant. Half an inch long, with attractive red or orange markings on their abdomen and wings. These bugs feed on anything they can get to, even if that means your houseplants. Like other bugs, boxelder’s tend to hide in your home, but if it’s warm or sunny they come out of their hiding spots to bask in the light. Similar to ladybugs they excrete fluid that stains, so call pest control if you find a swarm of them.


Like most bugs, they’ll tend to hide in the corner of your home and camp out until the spring. But many spiders can cause allergic reactions with their bites.


While you think you’re safe in the confines of your home during winter, bugs will still find a way to infiltrate your home and share the warmth and heat with you.

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