4 Beautiful Ways to Personalize Your Porch 

In recent years, outdoor living rooms have become all the rage, and many people use their porch to create such an area. As such, they want it to be as beautiful as their home’s interior. If you’ve set your sites on beautifying and personalizing your porch for this purpose, here are four ideas you’ll want to consider for this project. 

Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations, like holiday wreaths or fall pumpkins and scarecrows, add personality to your porch. They also allow you to change the look of your porch without doing a major overhaul. Some seasonal items to consider as decorative items include tulips in the spring, seashells and other sea themes in the summer, squashes and gourds in the fall and faux snowmen in the winter, just to name a few. 

There’s an additional bonus to these seasonal decorations. In the off-season, when you’re not using the porch as an outdoor room, these items make the area look inviting. They also offer visitors a glimpse of your decorating style before they enter your home.

The Right Coverings

Adding an awning or a sun shade keeps this area of your home cooler and more comfortable when the sun starts to scorch. These items also add a stunning decorative element to the front of your home. Sun shades and awnings allow you to sit outside when the summer gets warm, thus allowing you to extend your living space when the weather is nice.

Textures and Textiles

A variety of textiles allow you to add both color and texture to your front porch. Throw a woven rug on the floor in front of an outdoor seating area. Add throw pillows with linen covers to a wicker couch or chairs. Place terra-cotta pots filled with throw blankets at the ends of a couch where people can grab them when the weather cools down for the evening.

Vintage Furniture

The shabby chic style is known for its eclectic blend of furniture styles, vintage antiques and cozy touches. Given the second-hand nature of shabby chic, it’s actually an excellent decorating style for the front porch. 

Adding comfortable pieces, like a vintage daybed, wicker chairs or even a beat-up steamer trunk, adds a lot of character to this area for not a lot of money. Best of all, you won’t worry so much about the weather ravaging your furniture. 

Decorating your porch allows you to extend your living space and to enjoy the weather once it turns warm. The key to making this area comfortable is to treat it as you would any room inside your home. That is, you should fill it with comfy furniture and lovely decorations the invite you and yours to sit a spell and chat.

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