Increase the Security Level of Your Home

The home is supposed to be a sanctuary for its owner, a place where they feel safe and secure. The reality, though, is often different, as home burglaries are on the rise recently, worldwide. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of accidental home-based deaths and injuries. All this indicates there is a need for better security measures in order to prevent various internal and external hazards. The good news is that you can increase your home safety by several simple and useful tools. Be aware though that there is not a sole measure that will make your home an impregnable fortress. Instead, think of security as a plan, with multiple tactics working together to keep you as protected as possible. 

Secure the Windows

Except for doors, windows are the most frequent breaking point target. The main reason for that is the fact that factory latches on windows are not of the best quality, sometimes being throughout flimsy. You can reinforce your windows’ security by installing locks or key operated levers. if you don’t think that’s enough you can go on an extra mile and upgrade the glass of your windows with a security film layer, place glass sensors that will detect any break, add windows bars or, for a nasty surprise, plant a row of prickly bushes under the window. Just make sure to keep them trimmed down. 

 Light It Up

Burglars, thieves and all other shady people don’t like to be in the spotlight. An effective way to keep all those suspicious people away from your property is to place lights all around your residence. Light up your front and backyard, pathways and garage. That way,  intruders will be reluctant to try their luck with your residence, and you will have a clearer view of your yard whenever you go out at night. If you are worried about spending too much power on lights like this, you can use motion sensors to activate the lights or use solar-powered light cells. 

Mind The Doors   

As much as 34% of burglars choose the front door as a desirable target for breaking in residences. A good way to prevent them from getting in easily is to check the consistency of your front doors. Make sure your door wreaths are strong,  that the flaps are protected and that no one cannot reach and unlock the door through your mail slot. To reinforce your front door, there’s a couple of door accessories you can install into your main entrance. For starters, you can install a deadbolt, add a strike plate and upgrade your locks into the smart ones. Another useful device for enhancing your door security is a video doorbell, By the way, burglars love sliding doors because they are so easy to break in, so it would be smart to augment them by utilizing a window rod or dowel in the track to prevent the door from being open forcefully. For all of you who prefer a high-tech solution, consider installing a door sensor or a glass break sensor. The alerts, whenever your glass door is tampered with, will surely discourage all the potential thieves. 

Get the Security System

For a city-based home, some sort of a security system is a highly recommendable feature. There are various variants of security systems you should consider, ranging from basic do-it-yourself ones,  up until highly sophisticated professional monitoring and home automation. no matter which level of protection and budget we’re talking about. there’s probably a security option that will fit your needs. Prior to installing any security system, you need to estimate the risk factor of your home. The most dependable way to do that is to contact your local police department for the crime statistics in your neighborhood.


Considering that home burglary is on the rise lately, securing the premises is one of the biggest priorities an average household should have. There are numerous ways to upgrade the safety of your residence, depending on the level of security you’re striving for and the amount of money you are willing to invest in it. Upgrading your security will greatly improve the safety of your home and rid you of any worries while you are away. 

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