What To Do if You Get Locked Out of Your Home

The worst thing after a hard day at work is to realize that you forgot or lost your house keys. All you wanted was to relax to an episode of your favorite sitcom, but now you have to wait to get back into your own home.

If you don’t have anything cooking in the oven or a sleeping baby upstairs, then you can relax a bit and wait for help. Otherwise, if you cannot wait, you can use these few tricks to help you get back inside.

Spare Key?

If a neighbor or relative has a spare key to your home, go around or call them. This is the simple option unless a key is already in the lock inside the door.

Look For Open Entrances

Most of the time. people leave their windows open during the day for fresh air. If there is someone at home you may be lucky enough to call for help or stumble upon an open door. Check to see if you left any windows or doors unlocked or even slightly ajar. Maybe you can fit your arm through a window to reach the internal door lock.

The only places you should never try to get in through are crawlspaces or the chimney. It might seem like a good idea if you get locked out, but your chances of getting stuck are high. Apart from that, those spaces are usually very dusty and dirty, so it’s not worth it.


You can try to remove the doorknob with a Phillips screwdriver but it might take some time. Remove the lock plate, and look for a small opening as big as a pinhead. Insert a very thin but strong piece of metal until you feel pressure. Continue pushing while turning the doorknob and it will start to loosen so you can pull it out. Next, pull back the locking mechanism placed inside the door and it will pop open.

Once you have removed a doorknob it’s easy to fit back, but you may have damaged the internal mechanism in the process. It doesn’t happen often, but if it does, go to a professional like Vaughans Locksmith to have a new lock fitted. This service provider can assist with broken keys, repairing broken locks, and emergency house lockouts. Vaughans Locksmith also has some interesting articles about various locks for everything from your home to your car.

Break a Window

This should only be your last resort if you are unable to call a locksmith or get help from friends and family. When the situation is desperate then you may need to break a small window or two. If your front door has glass panes, then you just need to break a small piece big enough to fit your hand through.

If you choose to go this route, be sure to wrap your hands up in a jersey or shirt to minimize any injury. You shouldn’t feel much pain, but just watch that you don’t cut yourself on broken glass. Once you are inside, reseal that area and use additional security measures until you can have the glass replaced.

Getting locked out of your home is no fun, but you also don’t have to panic too much with these handy tricks that you can perform yourself.

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