What to Select Between Freelancing and Fulltime Jobs? Pros and Cons Comparison

Are you struggling between the selection of freelance and in-house job? Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of both of the options. 

Pros of Freelancing

Speaking of freelance, you could be working from home, from a café or maybe from a park. The concept is that the place makes you feel comfortable when you’re working on your laptop. And, speaking of in-house job, you’ll be working from within a boundary. It could be a cubicle, a desk or any corner in that building of your office. If you choose freelance, you’ll have more flexibility like you can set your own timing to work and that’s the best part about it. Plus, you can have extra income if you’re not leaving your day job…because many people are doing that? If you take freelancing as a serious business, you can have unlimited profits. Plus, you can take your own decisions that are the best part about it. And, there would be no boss above you! 

Cons of freelancing

Coming to the negative side of freelancing, the first point that we have is unstable income. Yes, it is a reality! Because not everyone is good at everything. Like, you might be good at producing the content or making an amazing storyline but you might not be good at customer retention and that’s the reason that freelancing is not for everyone. In the past decade, so many freelancers have emerged and this has saturated the market and increased the competition. There are customers that value your work and your time but not every customer behaves like that. So, you could also face difficulty in customer retention. This is another challenge in freelancing world. And the last one! If you’re not good at managing the time effectively, you can also face pressured work routine. 

Pros of In-house job

One of the benefits to choose in-house over freelancing is that you can have a stable income. Like, mentioned that in freelancing, the profits are not guaranteed. So sometimes you get projects and sometimes you don’t. And even if your company is not getting more projects, you are eligible to get that paycheck. Plus, working in an office allows you to learn from others, from your colleagues. Like, if you’re a writer, you’re basically collaborating with different departments like designing, development and SEO and there are various other departments depending on the company’s size. So, you get to work with those people and enhance your skill set. And, you have higher chances of growth by working in a company. Like, you grow as much as your company goes big. So, that’ a plus point of working in a company. And the most important part is that you learn teamwork by working in an office. Like, if you do freelancing, you could be your own boss and your own staff. But, when you work with other people in a specific boundary, you learn to understand about their emotions, you learn to understand their passion towards work and how they handle the pressure. 

Cons of In-house job 

Like freelancing, in-house also has some negative sides and the first one is no flexible working hours. You get a specific window and you have to complete the work within that timeframe. You can’t just make excuses to work after the working hours or while enjoying the pizza at home as you’ve to work within that window. Another problem with in-house job is that you’ll have limited authorities. Like, if you are working on a project that you don’t like, you can’t just simply skip that, that you could do in freelancing. And that’s a problem with the in-house job. And the last one! You’ll have slow income growth in comparison to freelancing. Like, in freelancing you could be your own boss, you can make more efforts and get more revenue but in an in-house job you’ll have to wait for several months or even a year according to your company’s policy. That’s a problem! 

So this was the comparison between freelancing and in-house job. 

What to choose between freelancing and in-house job?

Now let’s see what option should you have based on your current situation. 

Speaking of freelancing: freelancing is ideal for students. Yes, if you’re in the college and waiting for your degree and you need an income source to manage your study’s expenses, you can opt for freelancing. Secondly, it is ideal for those stay-at-home-mom and housewives that don’t like working in to that 8 hours window; you can work from your home. Freelancing is also ideal for job holders that manage to save their energy after that 8 to 10 hours long shift. If you’re working as a freelancer, you’re basically cultivating the characteristics of an entrepreneur and that can help you later in your life to handle pressure, to manage your time and arrange finances effectively. 

Coming to in-house: If you’re a 9-5 guy (or girl), you can stick with your desk job. It is also ideal for those that have to pay their bills. 

Some of essential characteristics that you would need to cultivate in yourself:

If you’re selecting freelancing you should be a risk-taker, you should be an innovative person and you should be an optimistic person. Because, there could be rough days and you need to stay strong. Plus, you need to have exceptional written skills if you want to become a freelance content writer. 

Speaking of in-house job, you need to be self-motivated you need to learn how to handle pressure at work. And you should also know how to complete the projects and meet the deadlines. Plus, you should also be an exceptional communicator. Like, you should be able to explain your ideas to others and make them understand what you are thinking. You should also be punctual, disciplined and polite when you are dealing with others at work. Also, you should have organizational skills that come in handy when you work in an office environment. 


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