Keep Waking up in the Night? 4 Tips for Staying Asleep

While you may go to sleep quickly at night, you may have problems from waking up several times. Sleep disturbances at night aren’t healthy for your mind or your body. However, there are tips for helping you to sleep throughout the night.

Avoid the Consumption of Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulate that can cause sleep disturbances at night, making you feel terrible the next day. You already know that caffeine is in tea or coffee, but it is also in many soft drinks, chocolate or other foods and beverages. Before eating or drinking anything, you must determine if it has any caffeine that can change your brain waves while you are sleeping. Some individuals can consume small amounts of caffeine early in the day while other people can’t ingest any caffeine.

Are You Remembering to Exercise Each Day?

If you aren’t physically active, then your circadian rhythms will change, making it difficult to stay asleep at night. You should have an exercise regimen to use earlier in the day so that you won’t have any sleep disturbances. It is better to exercise during the morning or during the afternoon rather than late at night to have the best night’s sleep. With exercise, your body’s glands secrete hormones that help to relax your body and your mind at night.

Having a Comfortable and Supportive Bed

When you are sleeping on an ancient mattress, you may wake up several times during the night. You can find a memory foam gel mattress that will support your body to help you to sleep better. This type of mattress is designed for conforming to your body’s shape as you move around during your sleep, helping to keep you comfortable while preventing any sleep disturbances. In addition, choose soft sheets and warm blankets to help you sleep better at night.

Stop Smoking Simulating Cigarettes

Tobacco also contains stimulate chemicals that can cause sleep disturbances at night. If you smoke cigarettes, then you should stop this bad habit. There are smoking cessation programs that involve working with therapists in group sessions. You can also use nicotine patches or other devices to help you overcome the addiction to smoking.

Last, you should have a regular bedtime routine to help you to sleep better at night. This nightly schedule can include reading a book or listening to soothing music, but you should avoid certain activities, such as watching television or using a computer.

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