5 Healthy Foods You Should Have in Your Pantry

2021 is finally here, and all anyone can do is hope that soon things will start to recover from the chaos of last year. One thing you can do at home to start making some positive changes in your life is looking at how you can start looking after your health. It’s a common new years resolution to start eating better and working out more, especially after the indulgences of the holiday season. Here are five healthy foods you can keep in your pantry that are cost-effective and won’t go bad in a matter of days to help you begin your 2021 health-kick.

Canned Fish

You can’t beat fresh fish, but the canned kind can also be an incredibly useful and tasty ingredient when you’re trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Tuna, sardines, salmon, and even crabmeat can all be found at your local grocery store in cans and will last in your pantry for a long time. Try to avoid ones that are preserved in oils, as these will be more fattening. Canned fish in spring water is best.


Beans are great sources of fiber, B vitamins, and protein, so they ought to be present in your collection of canned goods at home. They are very versatile too and can be used in a range of recipes such as casseroles, chilies, curries, and much more. If you’re interested in eating more vegetarian or vegan meals this year, they will help to bulk out your dishes and keep you feeling full without relying on meat. They’re also great for your heart by maintaining your cholesterol levels and can help reduce fat building around your liver.


Like beans, they can be used in a variety of dishes and can be used as a substitute for mince in chilies and spaghetti Bolognese recipes. They are low in calories but are rich in folate and iron as well as being a brilliant source of protein. Lentils are another ingredient that is excellent for heart health and only take 5-20-minutes to cook, making them perfect for those who need to throw together a quick meal.

Nut Butters

If you want to reduce your use of dairy products, nut butter could be a great substitute. Peanut butter is possibly the most popular, but an organic version is likely to be better for you than commercial products and might not be as versatile. Almond butter is considered to be a little healthier, and walnut butter the healthiest. If you have a peanut allergy or are allergic to nuts in general, there are other non-dairy substitutes you can explore.

Dried Fruits

Raisins, apricots, dates, bananas, cherries, and many more delicious fruits are available to buy dried and can be stored in your pantry with ease and for a lengthy period. They are great to add to oatmeal in the morning or use them to bake some tasty sweet treats. You could even add them to savory dishes like tagine or curries or simply enjoy them as a mid-morning snack. 

There are many other great pantry foods you can store for a healthy diet, but these five items are all essentials that need to be part of your collection.


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