How Does Too Much Sugar Consumption Affect Your Body?

So many people have been victims of a high sugar intake when they don’t even realize it. According to dietary guidelines, the total calories derived from sugar in a day should be no more than 10%. That means that if your daily intake consists of 1800 calories, then 180 calories should be from sugar. World Health Organization advises that this amount be deducted and says it is safe if a person keeps sugar to 5%. That means that if your daily intake is 1800 calories, let 90 be from sugar.

Sadly, most people rely on fast food. The meals, snacks, and drinks have added sugars. Sometimes you may not be able to tell since it is not indicated in the contents table. That means that people end up consuming more sugars without their knowledge. Here is why you need to reduce your sugar consumption;

1. Acne

When you consume a lot of added sugars, they spike up the blood sugar, leading to the secretion of oils. The oils look for poles to get out from, and that is where you find acne occurring.

2. Weight gain and obesity

Raksasook mentioned that consuming foods that are a high glycaemic index elevates blood sugars and insulin. In this case, the leptin resistance reduces, and people think they are hungry even when they are full. The end product is usually weight gain and obesity.

3. Diabetes and heart diseases

Too much leads to the alteration of the production of insulin in the body. Type 1 diabetes is said to be gotten by people whose insulin-producing cells in the pancreases have been damaged. High blood sugars also affect the blood vessels and nerves. Most people who do not take a balanced diet and take more the processed food stand higher chances of getting high blood pressure. They also have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, strokes and, Aortic disease.

4. Leads to tooth decay

Too much sugar triggers the bacteria in the mouth to produce more acid as a waste product. The acid produced eats up your enamel leading to holes in your teeth. That means that every time you eat something, food particles will remain in the cavities. Eventually, your enamel and gums start decaying.

5. Increases the risk of cancer

There has been a lot of debates on whether sugar causes cancer. The answer is no. Sugar does not cause cancer directly. What it does to your body is what gets you a risk of getting cancer. For example, if your liver and pancreas are not functional, then there is a very high chance that you might have cancer. People with obesity are also at risk of getting cancer as well. Esophageal cancer is one of the most cancers reported by people who had a lot of sugar.

Bottom line

That is not the end of the effects of too much sugar in the body. Aging and the risk of depression are also effects of sugar. Instead of sugar, try other supplements with less glycaemic content for a better and healthier body.


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