When Cancer Treatment Ends: 6 Self-help Tips For Cancer Survivors

Cancer is an ailment caused by the unusual growth of body cells to spread to other body parts. It starts developing when the body mechanism stops working usually. Old cells do not die; instead, they flourish out of control, forming new and abnormal cells. It is the world’s second killer disease. 

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5 Ways Soy Can Benefit Your Health

Presently, soy has gained popularity in many countries, even though it originated from Asia and was first domesticated in China around 1100 BC. These species of legumes are widely accepted across the globe due to their countless benefits to man’s health. 

After much research about the health benefits of soy, it is beneficial to vegetarians. As a result, they often consume soy instead of meat to acquire protein. Non-vegetarians also derive optimum benefit from the consumption of soy.

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Top Causes of Memory Loss

When memory loss begins to happen, it can be a scary time. There are many causes of memory loss. It may be helpful to you to understand the different reasons so you can be aware of what might cause your memory loss. There is good news, and that is you may be able to improve your memory if you are beginning to lose it. You can take some of the best supplements for memory loss to help improve your memory. 

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In Sickness Or In Health: Medical Crisis and Marriage

Any couple will tell you that marriage presents unique challenges, and the key to surviving any of them is communication. Health concerns create complex issues though, and a combination of communication, care, and patience will get the family through healthier and happier than ever. Here are some common medical problems that can cause stress and impact your marriage.

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The Links Between Alcohol and Dementia

It’s no secret that alcohol can wreak havoc on the human body. Dehydration, liver damage, and dependency are just some of the well-known issues that can be caused by alcohol. But what about dementia? The links between alcohol and dementia are something that isn’t discussed enough and isn’t common knowledge among the general public. However, the connections to the two have been proven.

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Breaking the Stigma Around Your Child’s Speech Therapy

It’s challenging when your child struggles with speech. If your child has experienced delays, is difficult to understand or has it is hard for your child to understand others, it can hold your child back. You want to pave the way to clear communication for your son or daughter, helping in any way possible. Speech therapy can do wonders. The sooner it begins the better. You just want to make sure your child doesn’t feel self-conscious about receiving services. More importantly, you don’t want anyone else to look at your child any differently because of barriers to communication.

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Improving Health and Athletic Performance With Sports Eyewear

As people engage in any sport or physical activity, from football to bicycling, they tend to wear sports gear to avoid injury and boost their overall performance. One overlooked piece of protection is sports eyewear. These glasses and goggles allow for a variety of advantages in athletic activities, both in terms of safety and achievement. They help prevent about 90% of all potential sport-related eye injuries. The special design of this gear provides protection against multiple hazards and improves on key areas. 

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5 Major Health Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils

Whenever it comes down to taking care of our health, we prefer to trust nature. Depending totally on the medicines can lower down your immunity and also make you addicted. So the most natural way to keep you healthy and strong is to choose the products which come directly from the lap of nature.

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How Do Healthcare Facilities Help Families Heal?

Healthcare environments are tricky. Unpleasant situations pop up in healthcare clinics, hospitals, and the like all of the time. People get diagnosed with devastating illnesses. They get news about beloved family members and friends passing away as well. Healthcare facilities often do anything they can to promote the healing process for patients and their families.

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