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Guest post contributed by Jeniifer Lopez 

You may remember visiting a tailor shop with your mother or even going on your own. You would set aside a day specifically to visit the tailor. During this visit, you would take your time explaining to the tailor, what fabric he is to use, what measurements, any specific instructions, routine fittings, etc. All this took place in small enclosures or open tailor shops.

Ever since the booming growth of Internet, and its role in being a medium in promoting e-commerce all over the world, many businesses have successfully gone online, including tailors and dressmakers. We now have tailors online who specialize in providing their services online and as a result, are able to reach a larger audience too.

You can capitalize this trend by availing the services of online designer tailors and making use of the advantages that come with it.

How to order from dressmakers and tailors online

  1. First, you select the dress you want to be stitched. Here, you usually select the fabric or the type of cloth you would like your suit to be made out of. This may include having to choose from different patterns and printing styles.
  2. The second part entails you clearly mentioned on their site, how they should design your preferred suit. In this way, the site’s tailors on call would understand best what altercations and designs need to be stitched and performed on the suit. Here, you can also give your body measurements for a relatively easier process to the online designer tailors.
  3. Most online tailoring sites will explain how long they usually take to get a suit stitched and ready. However, you can inform them if you have any special requests for a specific time period you may have on your mind.

Some Compelling Reasons to consider why using Online Designer Tailors, is a great idea

  • A smoother and comfortable process

Unlike the experience, you have when visiting tailor shops, using tailors online gives you the choice to place large orders all the while you’re at ease. You can also decide a suit’s design or stitching procedures much better in the sanctity of your own home.

  • Customize and stylize what you want to wear

You can give entire orders online and fully customize how you want your suit to look like. Usually, the site takes all the requests and information you provide them with and relays them to their tailors, who are instructed to not stray from the received instructions.

This, along with the higher accountability that comes with ordering online ensures that every order and transaction of yours is transparent and free of any errors or problems.

One such company that provides excellent online designer tailors services is the ‘Epitome Stitches’ group. Ranked as one of the best online tailoring services, you can get your suit designed exactly the way you want it to, based on the steps we mentioned earlier.

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