Laser Welding in Jewelry Repair

Laser welding is a process which is used to join metals together with the help of a laser. The high-intensity laser is used to join pieces of metals together to make a single product. Laser welding is used in various industries to join different metals together especially in jewelry making, jewelry repairs, automobile etc. This is a unique technique where antique jewelry is repaired and if you need to repair your jewelry then you must consult with the jewelry repair shops for more details. They have various tools and techniques, and they can fix the minimum damages of the jewelry. We know that jewelry is always designed with some precious metals and stones. So, we need to take care of them and in this case, we must polish them after a certain time. In this regard, reputed jewelry repairs can help you in all possible ways.

Jewellery Repair

Why would you use the laser welding for jewelry repairs?

In today’s world when various technologies are available, the jewelry industry has taken up laser welding since there is no other technology like it. It works smoothly on any noble metals. Noble metals are those which shows no reactivity when it is exposed to the environment. Gold, silver, platinum is regarded as noble metals. These metals are used for jewelry making. Different stones are fitted in the jewelry with the help of this amazing technology.

Earlier metals were joined with the help of soldering which was a time-consuming method and the process required heavy heat energy. We need to understand the fact that welding is completely different from soldering. Soldering is a process where two same or different metals are joined together with the help of heating or with the help of electricity while in welding is a process where the metals are bonded together with the help of melting.

What are the advantages of laser welding for jewelry repair?

The laser is just a ray of high-intensity light that produces heat energy that reacts with the molecular part of a metal. Thus, it becomes very easier for a welder to bond two same or different metals together. The modern way of jewelry repairs are done with the help of laser welding due to the following reasons:

jewellery repair
jewellery repair
  • Environmental Friendly: Laser welding is more environmentally friendly than the soldering method that was previously used. This is because of the insufficiency of certain impurities in the lasers. For jewelry repairs, the laser is more useful than soldering.

  • Cost Effective: Laser welding technology is more cost-effective in jewelry repairs than any other method. It helps to maintain the quality of the jewelry. The laser welding technology is used in jewelry repair work since it is ten times stronger than soldering. Antiques can be easily repaired with the help of this technology as this is less costly.

  • Finishing: It gives a perfect finishing to the jewelry. It gives such a smooth effect after polishing that no one can recognize the repairs. In jewelry repairs, faultless work is required and this technology gives the perfect work requires as it can fill or cut any metal with least pressure give on it.

  • Time Effective: It is a much time effective process since it takes less time to cool down. In jewelry repairs, not much time is given to the welders to rectify the default in the jewelry. Even in preparation of any stone setting, jewelry laser welding takes the least possible time.

Soldering used heat energy while laser welding users heat energy. This is one of the most amusing concepts in the world of jewelry repairing. This technology helps the jewelers not only to flourish their business but also satisfy the customers who bring damaged jewelry.

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