Sashka Co. – Gorgeous Jewelry for a Great Cause

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been unable to buy bracelets because my wrists are the size of bird wrists. They’re tiny and that’s no exaggeration. I came across Sashka Co. and their claim that their bracelet fit your wrist no matter what size it was, caught my attention. Their bracelets come in a one-size-fits-all and that’s never worked out for me, in a million years, ever. 

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Celebrate Dads This Father’s Day With Sweet Gifts From Finn + Emma and Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Here are some must-have gift ideas for brand new dads, and those that have been around the block a few times.  These gift ideas from Isabelle Grace Jewelry and Finn + Emma speak volumes about how much a father is loved.  Plus they can be given to current dads and dads who are expecting their bundle of joy soon.

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Find A Gift Your Grad Will Love At Waxing Poetic #MomGradDad

I Found The Perfect Gift For My Grad At Waxing Poetic

Find A Gift Your Grad Will Love At Waxing Poetic #MomDadGrad

As a parent, one of the most exciting moments are when my kids reached a big milestone. My daughter’s high school graduation is one of the best milestones yet! To mark this special occasion, I wanted to get her a gift she would always remember. I found a gorgeous necklace from Waxing Poetic I knew she would cherish.
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Pearl Power: 2018’s Hottest Trend

Contributed by Richard Anderson 

Photo by Cornelia Ng 

Sorry, Liz Taylor. Diamonds might not be a girl’s best friend…at least not anymore.Fashion is embracing a new gemstone with open arms. The good news? You probably already know the new front runner well, and you may even already have some in your jewelry box.
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Bring Your Jewelry and Household Items to Life Again with Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Do you have personal items in desperate need of a good cleaning? I thought so. I have a found a clever solution: the Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner for home use by Life Basis.

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner gently cleans 

  • Jewelry including diamond, gold, silver or other solid metals
  • Waterproof watches and wrist bands for NON-waterproof watches using a watch stand
  • Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and CDs/DVDs
  • Silverware 
  • Electric Shaver Heads, Razors, Dentures, Combs, Electric Toothbrushes, and Retainers
  • Baby Items
  • Office Equipment such as printer heads, fountain pens, and rubber stamps

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Laser Welding in Jewelry Repair

Laser welding is a process which is used to join metals together with the help of a laser. The high-intensity laser is used to join pieces of metals together to make a single product. Laser welding is used in various industries to join different metals together especially in jewelry making, jewelry repairs, automobile etc. This is a unique technique where antique jewelry is repaired and if you need to repair your jewelry then you must consult with the jewelry repair shops for more details. They have various tools and techniques, and they can fix the minimum damages of the jewelry. We know that jewelry is always designed with some precious metals and stones. So, we need to take care of them and in this case, we must polish them after a certain time. In this regard, reputed jewelry repairs can help you in all possible ways.

Jewellery Repair

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A List of Everlasting Gifts For Any Holiday From Eternity Rose

Eternity Rose Will Help You Choose That Long Lasting Gift You’re Looking For!

If you’re the type of person that loves to give your loved ones special and unique gifts, but don’t always know where to look, I can help you with that! whether it’s your husband or wife, your daughter, or maybe your mother. It can seem like they already have so many great things, what could you possibly get them that’s unique and special?

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Lexi Butler Designs Jewelry Giveaway Ends 2/9

 Welcome to the Lexi Butler Designs Jewelry Giveaway!

Have you heard of Lexi Butler Designs yet?  If not, you’re in for a treat! Some of the top Hollywood actors and actresses love to wear her jewelry pieces to the Academy Awards and other special events. 

Lexi Butler Designs Giveaway

Lexi Butler Designs crafts beautiful handmade jewelry! Using beautiful turquoise gemstones and 12 gauge copper wire, Lexi Butler Designs sculpts a gorgeous Sterling Silver Criss Cross Wrapped Turquoise Copper Bangle. Offered in multiple sizes, the bangle has a unique handcrafted copper loop hook closure. Bangle includes 4mm green-blue toned rounded jasper beads that are criss crossed by a 24 gauge sterling silver wire to secure each stone.


Sterling Silver Criss Cross Wrapped Turquoise Copper Bangle

Sterling Silver Criss Cross Wire Wrap Turquoise Bangle, Lexi Butler Designs

Isn’t this a beauty?

Sponsored by Lexi Butler Designs |  Organized by CELEBRATE WOMAN TODAY

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The giveaway is open to US residents, and ends at 11:59 pm EDT on 2/9/17.


Forever Reminder Of Love With Dimples Personalized Jewelry #Review

Dimples Personalized Jewelry Goes Straight to the Heart 

Old Western Culture says that the left ring finger, know as Vena Amoris, was known to be the “vein of love”. Although anatomy says otherwise, I believe it is true for other reasons. There may not literally be a vein that runs straight to the heart; however, the left-hand ring finger has been a symbol of love for YEARS! So, regardless if there is really a vein that runs straight to the heart, the amount of love shown on this finger is extraordinary. Fingerprints NEVER change, what a better way of symbolizing your love than to have your spouses fingerprint on a symbol of your love for each other. Dimples offers just that! 

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Fall Scarves, Jewelry, & Bags – SALE!

This article contains affiliate links.


Stella & Dot just launched their new fall line! This collection features stylish jewelry, scarves, bags, and accessories that will be the perfect addition to your fall outfits!  It has been such a hot summer, fall will be a welcome relief!

If you’re like me, you love scarves but just aren’t sure how to wear them.  Check out the 10 ways to wear a scarf video on Stella & Dot’s site!  You can find it under “Bags & More” ,”Scarves.”

With fall, comes summer sales so be sure to check out the items that are currently on SALE before they are gone!