Advantages of Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Home

Guest post contributed by Chelsea Watterston

What comes to your mind when you think of or see a swimming pool? For most people, they think of fun summer memories—of swimming parties when they were kids and family barbecues by the poolside now that they’re adults. But pools can give you more advantages other than just a couple of hours of fun in the sun. Read on to learn what they are:

  • More opportunities to be fit

If you’re not that fond of going to the gym or live too far from one, having a pool can give you instant access to the best form of low-impact exercise there is: swimming. It is a form of cardiovascular exercise that pumps up your heart rate and works out your lungs while giving less stress on your joints. A few thirty-minute swimming sessions each week can already bring wonderful changes to the state of your lungs, heart, and blood circulation. Also, if anyone in your family is pregnant or overweight, swimming can be a gentle workout for them.

  • A place for family bonding

Your pool can be a place where the whole family can gather and spend lots of fun hours together. It is an enjoyable feature to have when you have a large family. For those times when you’re a little bit short on your budget and don’t have the funds to eat out or stay at an expensive resort, you can have a fun staycation with your family by your home’s poolside.

  • An instant source for stress relief

It’s been proven in scientific studies that being around a body of water provides immediate stress relief. It provides a sense of calm and tranquility. Imagine yourself lounging by the poolside after a hard day’s work or observing your kids playing and splashing around in the water? Relaxing, right?

  • A place for community activities and socializing

If you and your family have an active community life, having a pool will make you popular among your neighbors and friends. You will have more reasons to invite them over, bond with them on a regular basis, and form closer relationships with them. It makes for a rich social life!

  • Less entertainment expenses

When you have a pool, you can save on your household’s regular entertainment expenses. Instead of eating out all the time or having to stay at a fancy hotel or resort or paying expensive membership fees to an exclusive swimming club, you can opt to bond with family and friends at your own house where you can cook your own food. This means more savings so you can spend your money on the things that really matter.

  • Increased property value

If you have plans to sell your house in the future, having a pool will be a great advantage, especially if you aim to sell to buyers who have a lot of kids in their families. Couples who have a rich social life and who like to have friends over would also be interested in your property. With these types of buyers, you can usually negotiate a higher selling price if you have a pool.

If all these reasons have piqued your interest, there’s no need to ditch your present house just yet and call your real estate agent to look for a new house with a pool. You just need to get in touch with a reputable pool builder like Premier Pools, and they can assess your property to find out what kind of pool would not only suit your property’s land area but also fit yours and your family’s needs.


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