Beat the Stress of Black Friday Shopping: Shop Online at Groupon

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Not into the hustle and bustle of Black Friday in-store shopping? No problem, grab your favorite beverage and shop the amazing Black Friday deals online at Groupon. Did you know that Groupon is more than just amazing hotel offers and travel deals? If you haven’t shopped at Groupon lately, you’re in for a nice surprise, especially on Black Friday.

I honestly can’t wait because there will be 300k+ deals available on home goods, apparel, toys, jewelry, electronics, concerts & live events, local deals, getaways, beauty & spa treatments, and food & drink. So basically just about anything you can dream of will be on sale. Also, some orders will be eligible for free shipping with a minimum purchase. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Just like prepping for an in-store haul, you’ll want to be prepared for online shopping as well. Be sure to search for online coupons to get the most savings on Black Friday. For example, if you use Bountii Coupons, you may avail the product or service you want from different brands for a much cheaper price since discounts are up to 99%. Sales stacked with an online coupon along with free shipping make it even more irresistible to just stay at home and avoid the crowds.

If you’re a little apprehensive about shopping online for things like jewelry or apparel, Groupon offers free returns, and quite honestly, it beats standing in those long return lines at customer service in the stores. Who’s with me?


Just a few Black Friday online shopping tips

Many retailers put out incredible online deals up to 1-2 days before Black Friday. So be sure to keep checking or even better, subscribe to your favorite store’s email newsletter to get the deals delivered straight to your inbox. Also, while you’re scrolling Facebook or Instagram, I’d recommend heading over and checking out their social media pages. Some stores will post limited-time/limited-offer pop-up deals on social platforms.

Another advantage of shopping online is the perk of shopping a larger inventory than in-store. There is only so much shelf space in a retail store. You may have a better chance of snagging an awesome deal before it sells out when you shop online. Plus, you’re not tied down to one store when something else you wanted is at another store across town. You can be at multiple stores online with a few clicks.

Personally, I’m waiting for the getaways and local deals to be posted for Black Friday at Groupon. I plan to do a lot of traveling this year and Groupon has never let me down. I’ve bought incredible deals on suites with full kitchens at the most popular beaches. Being close to the water and having a full kitchen usually costs a lot of money, but with Groupon, my family of 5 can travel and stay comfortably within our budget.

Ready to shop? I sure am! So, just to recap, in addition to the coupons you’ll find for shopping Black Friday deals on Groupon, Groupon also has thousands of free coupons and promo codes for other retailers on their site. Hands down, you can’t beat the selection, deals, and convenience of shopping online at Groupon. So if you’re not into pulling an all-nighter, fighting the crowds, and want to start a new tradition, shop Black Friday online!


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  1. Personally my black friday is always the pc screen! Less stress and more possibilities!

  2. I stopped doing Black Friday when stores opened on Thanksgiving because I always have tons of company and I’m cooking. So I miss all the best sales because of celebrating Thanksgiving instead. The majority of my shopping has become online because of this and the online sales have gotten better and better. I can’t wait to check them out this year!

  3. I love buying on Groupon. They have such amazing deals and I love gifting my family with experiences, rather than goods, and Groupon offers so many great local experiences!!

  4. I beat the stress of black friday by not shopping at I do occassionally use Groupon though and will go to it if I am looking for a deal.

  5. That’s a wonderful option not to get stressed while shopping on Black Friday! Groupon has always some good offers in store. 🙂

  6. I use Groupon. They have pretty good deals. It’s also good to take advantage of Cyber Monday. Shopping is always fun whether in the stores or online. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Yeah this is a great idea. Sometimes Black Friday can be good but most of the time horrendous. The number of people shopping around stepping at each other is no joke.

  8. This year what I want is in my online basket – if it goes in the Black Friday sale I will get it otherwise wait for the January ones!

  9. I love this topic, always gives me a little bit of sense what I need to do and be prepared for the black friday shopping. Thanks

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