Finding Bugs in Your Basement? 4 Ways to Kick Them Out for Good

Are bugs in the basement bugging you? Cool, dark and moist, the underground level of your home makes a perfect habitat for insects. These creepy crawly critters can damage your home’s structure, create a huge mess and even put your family’s health at risk by spreading diseases or causing allergies. If you’re having trouble getting rid of your pest problem, read on to discover four ways you can evict your unwanted tenants for good.

Store Food Upstairs

A large basement may seem like the perfect place to store extra household items like paper goods and groceries, but bugs see your stockpile as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Store food upstairs, preferably in cabinets or the refrigerator, to keep bugs at bay. If you’re moving items upstairs from the basement, carefully inspect them to avoid introducing pests to the rest of your house.

Clean Those Carpets

The fluffy fibers of your carpets and rugs are excellent hiding spaces for many insects and bugs. The carpet beetle, a common cause of allergies and damage to home interiors, is even named after its penchant for living in carpets and feeding on the debris that collects in them. Simple vacuuming isn’t enough to remove bugs. Have your carpet professionally shampooed by a carpet cleaning service to remove bugs and larvae along with the bits of food, animal hair, and dust they like to eat?

Spray Them Away

An easy way to treat and prevent insect infestation in your basement is to use a pesticide spray. Spray the periphery outside around your home’s foundation to keep bugs from entering your basement. You can use commercial preparations or make your own natural pesticide. Diatomaceous earth, an abrasive powder that kills insects by scratching through their exoskeletons, is also an effective way to repel bugs.

If you’re unsure if you can adequately deep clean your basement or spray safely, consult a professional cleaning company like Scene Clean Minnesota or another such company in your area. These companies have the experience and tools necessary to properly remove your issues. 

Minimize Household Clutter

Are you a candidate for a reality show about hoarders? If your home is filled with clutter, chances are that it’s also filled with bugs. You don’t even have to be a hoarder to collect basement clutter. Many people toss unwanted items downstairs so they don’t have to think about them, and these piles of junk quickly become a cozy haven for insects, bugs and other pests.

If all your attempts at getting rid of your infestation fail, consider bringing in the big gun: a professional exterminator. Although exterminators can be expensive and often use harsh chemicals, sometimes a professional treatment is the only effective way to remove bugs and keep them from coming back.

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