Guidelines to Choose a Suitable Bonsai Pot for Your Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are becoming increasingly popular all around the world because of their impressive and appealing qualities. But cultivating them takes a lot of time and consideration. A tree is just a tree and a pot is merely a pot until both are combined together and the combination gives you a bonsai tree. Having said this, it is clearly evident that choosing a suitable bonsai pot is extremely important for cultivating a healthy and beautiful bonsai tree. Whether it is an indoor cultivation or an outdoor one, the bonsai pot that you choose has to be big enough for the tree. Apart from the size, there are various factors to consider while choosing bonsai pots.

Bonsai Pots

Actually, various containers can serve the purpose of a bonsai pot if they meet all the requirements. As most people know that growing a bonsai tree is an art that requires patience and precision. All this hard work can go down the drain if ample attention is not given while picking a pot to house the bonsai. Various other factors like grooming, care, sunlight and water, nutrients, etc are also responsible for a healthy bonsai, but choosing a suitable pot is equally important. Here are the guidelines you need to follow for finding the best-suited pot for your bonsai tree:

  • The ⅔ rule: The rule of ⅔ applies to all bonsai pots. This rule helps you to determine the size of the pot. The ideal length of a pot should be ⅔rd of the tree height. In case of trees that have a smaller height to width ratio, the width of the tree should be considered for the length of the pot instead of the tree height. The tree width should be measured at its roots. In short, the bonsai pots should be big enough to give a breathing space to the tree roots. In case you are cultivating a tree, which has a huge foliage, the pot should be bigger than the usual terms.

Bonsai Pots

  • Sex of the tree: Determine the sex of the tree before picking a bonsai pot for it. Some trees, which are only masculine or only feminine, this determination is simple. But in case of trees which are a mix of both, determine which sex is dominant. The sex of the tree dictates the shape and design of the pot that you are supposed to choose. A masculine tree displays attributes like a thick trunk, dense branches, strength, etc. while a feminine tree is full of attributes like curves, smooth bark, etc. So, for a masculine tree, the pot has to offer strength and sturdiness and for a feminine tree, the pot has to offer balance and support. You need to pick the shape of the pot based on these guidelines.

  • Pot material: The material from which the pot is made is important as well for the overall development of the bonsai tree. There are various materials like mica, terracotta, stone, porcelain, wood, plastic, etc. used for making bonsai pots. Most people are attracted to ceramic pots as they are attractive. Plastic pots are preferred only for small bonsai trees as they do not have high strength. When the bonsai tree is in young and training stage, it is advisable to use pots made of mica as mica can promote stable temperature, thereby keeping the roots in a healthy state. As a bonsai tree will survive for a long time, it is recommended that you choose pots made of materials that can be long-lasting and durable.

All the above points together form a complete guide to choosing a suitable bonsai pot and thus facilitate the growth and development of the bonsai tree.

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