Family Fit: 4 Exercises You Can Do with Your Kids

Gone are the days when parents did not have to worry about their children getting enough exercise. Children used to spend much of their free time outdoors playing with their friends and biking to the corner store, but now many children spend their free time sitting indoors with books, video games or favorite television shows. While the reasons for these changes can easily be debated for hours, the truth remains that parents must be the ones to get children of all ages up and moving again.

Sometimes, the best motivation comes from years of seeing one’s parents regularly work out. No one wants to have to take their kid to the doctor for something that could have easily been prevented with a little bit of exercise, even if it’s a good primary care physician, like Rural Health Services Consortium Inc. Whether parents work out daily and want to involve their children or families wish to start new routines for all members, here are four great exercise options for the whole family.


General yoga routines are normally slow and easy enough for motivated children to follow well. Parents can boost the desire of children to join in by looking for workout DVDs or online videos specifically designed for children. Many young children love to mimic movements, and this can grow into a lifelong love of movement and an increase in flexibility. Before starting, chat with a family doctor, such as one from Rural Health Services Consortium, to ensure that this option is safe for each person.


Who says that a fun disco party or sock hop cannot count as exercise? Parents could try a dance video game to appeal to a child’s favorite pastime or could simply crank up some favorite music to start an informal dance party. Choose your favorite song and get moving!


Walking is easy for kids of all ages to do. Consider taking evening walks together as a family, or send older children out daily to walk the dog. For a bit of competition for a good cause, families can train together for a charity walk or run.

Just Play

Many forms of play can count as great exercise. Backyard games, such as bocce ball, soccer, and tag, get children moving while adding in some great competition. Unstructured workouts are generally the best options for younger kids through preteens.

By keeping exercise time low-key, parents can help build regular activity in their children’s lives as a positive habit. All activity counts, even unscheduled workouts and play times. Therefore, even making a game out of chores, running around in the backyard or playing with the dog is a great way to improve physical activity and health in children.

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