Humidifying Your Home the Smarter Way

Humidifying your home is so important during the winter. When we run the heat, it sucks the moisture out of the air in our homes. That leads to dry skin, dry nasal passages, and a lot of discomforts. If you’re like me, your hands get incredibly dry and eventually crack. Your nose gets itchy and raw. The back of your throat is constantly scratchy. It’s miserable. Humidifying your home is an excellent way to stave off all of that. When you have the proper level of humidity in the air, you’re a much happier camper. 

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Why is Financial Planning Important?

Photo by Austin Distel 

Why is financial planning important? That’s a question that seems like it shouldn’t even have to be asked, and yet so many people aren’t really planning for their financial futures. They sock away a little here and there. Maybe they have a CD. However, that sporadic, hit-or-miss approach absolutely will not cut it for the future. Which is why it’s actually important to think about the answer to this question. Why is financial planning important? Mainly because you’re probably not doing it. 

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Living in Chicago Means History, Sports, Nightlife, and More

Living in Chicago is a great experience for those who love a lifestyle that is filled with things to see and do no matter what time of day or night it may be. This bustling city combines a rich history with spectacular architecture, amazing attractions that range from the educational to purely entertaining, some of the best food anywhere in the United States, the classic Chicago beachfront, and so much more. With so much going for this city, it’s easy to see why living in Chicago is so much fun for so many people. 

Photo by Blake Guidry 

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Mother’s Day Tech Gifts She’ll Love

Mother’s Day tech gifts are the perfect option for the special mom in your life who loves gadgets, devices, and finding new ways to use them. Mother’s Day is the next big holiday coming down the pipe, so why not start shopping early and avoid doing the mad dash for gifts a day before her celebration. Today, we’re talking Mother’s Day tech gifts that range from cooking to travel. With these gifts, you’ll be sure to find something (or somethings) to make the special mom in your life happy. 

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Choosing the Right Wig for You with Donmily Wigs and Weaves

Choosing the right wig can be a daunting task. What style best suits you? What color do you want? Should you get synthetic or human hair? With so many questions about the wig-buying process, it can feel overwhelming. The options for wigs these days are almost endless, and that’s why we’re going to talk about choosing the right wig today. So you can feel confident in the type of wig you choose for yourself. 

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JLab JBuds Air True Wireless – Quality and Affordability

JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds by JLab offer something many audiophiles have been waiting for – quality and affordability. While most truly wireless earbuds – GOOD wireless earbuds, anyway – range from $100 all the way to almost $300, JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds combine quality and affordability, with a line of truly wireless earbuds that range from $49.99 to $69.99. This combination of quality and value makes them an excellent choice for the budget-minded sound enthusiast. 

Woman in workout clothes looking at her phone.

JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds Family

The JBuds Aire True Wireless Earbuds line from JLabs Audio is the most popular budget-friendly earbud line on the market today. In fact, it’s the #1 truely wireless earbud under $100. The JBuds Air line of wireless earbuds offers three models to choose from – the JBuds Air, JBuds Air Sport, JBuds Air Icon, and JBuds Air Executive. Each of these models is designed to fit their user’s lifestyle perfectly, offering great sound, price, and staying power; a combination any audio enthusiast will love. 

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Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave Makes Cooking Easier

The Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 microwave has taken microwaves to the next level. In addition to being a microwave, this bad boy is an honest-to-goodness convection oven and an air fryer! For those of us who love to do more than just bake and reheat, that makes the Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 a game-changer. We can get rid of the separate air fryer that’s taking up space on the counter or in a cabinet, and we don’t have to fire up the oven to bake things that aren’t in a giant baking dish. The Breville Combi Wave was designed to make cooking better and easier, and it does it in spades. 

Breville Combi Wave on counter.

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Easy Transportation to School with Jetson Quest

Man riding scooter.

Easy transportation to and from school – and around the school if you have a college student – make the semesters so much easier for the kids. Metropolitan areas are often loaded with traffic, and college campuses are so large, it can end up being a long haul from one class to another. When you add heavy backpacks to the mix, you have a slog that ends up taking a lot of time and being hard on the back. Jetson Quest Electric Scooters make easy transportation a reality for high school and college students.  

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Wireless Audio Done Right with Bowers & Wilkins

Wireless audio is one of those things that traditionally has seemed out of reach for anyone who didn’t have a ton of disposable income. Over the years, wireless audio has come a long way, but for the most part, the best sound was still relegated to those systems that were incredibly high-priced. Opting for lower-priced products has always meant a reduction in sound quality, breaks in the sound, or both. Bowers & Wilkins is changing that. Their new Formation Bar, Wedge, and Bass offer a rich, full sound that doesn’t break at a price that won’t break the bank. 

Wireless Audio for Everyone

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar, Wedge, and Bass is a new standard in wireless audio for sound fidelity, connectivity, and convenience. Coming from a name like Bowers & Wilkins, it’s not a surprise to find that this highly portable speaker system offers incredible sound quality and value. They’ve long been one of the tops names in audio. With this wireless speaker system, you can enjoy all your music, radio stations, online services, TV, movies, and gaming with some of the best audio streaming you’ll find anywhere. 

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge

Wedge speaker on pedestal

The Bowers & Wilkens Wedge features a 120-degree cabinet designed specifically for immersive stereo sound in any part of the room, while its Decoupled Double Dome Tweeter produces incredibly crispt, clear highs. It’s the cornerstone of the Bowers & Wilkins wireless audio experience and combines with the Bar and Bass to produce a room-filling sound that is as rich as wired options.

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Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility Without Sacrificing Style with Bose Audio Sunglasses

Audio sunglasses are the next wave in personal audio devices, and Bose is spearheading this new technology. These sunglasses make it easy to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts or even carry on a conversation with audio that comes from the frames themselves. That means no earbuds to block out the world. You’re free to use these audio sunglasses anywhere, anytime without the worry of missing important sounds when you need to hear them like when you’re driving. 

Audio Sunglasses Featuring Bose Technology

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