4 Hobbies You Can Share With Your Kids

Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys. As children grow, they develop their own skills, strengths, and hobbies. One way to create a strong bond and lasting memories with your children is to find ways that you can share your time, as well as continue to help your children learn and grow. This article will review a few fun ideas that you and your children can start doing today.

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Essential Details About Medical Malpractice

When there are injuries at birth, it accounts for some of the most difficult and emotional malpractice cases. They usually yield the highest amount in damages. It is easy to understand why this happens because there is nothing worse to most people than a child or mother being injured because of a mistake that could have been prevented. 

One crucial fact to know that just because the mother or child is injured before or during birth, it does not mean it is medical malpractice.

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3 Tips for Passing Your Practical Driving Test

Taking your practical driving test can be a very nerve-racking experience, whether you are taking the test for the first time or retaking it. Whether you have just finished your first ever driving lesson or have mastered a lot of things behind the wheel and have been informed that you are almost ready for your test, it’s a lot to prepare for. A driving test involves demonstrating your driving skills in a number of environments, including general driving, following a sat-nav, and performing a range of driving maneuvers like bay parking or parallel parking. If your driving test is coming up soon, here’s what you can do to improve your chance of passing. 

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Advice To Give To Your Teenage Driver

The day your teenager gets their first car is the day you can all celebrate together. They will finally have the freedom they have been craving, as they will be able to travel as and when they want or need to. And you will finally have more freedom, as you won’t need to transport your teen to and fro anymore! 

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What Makes Private School Better for High Functioning Autistic Teens 

Raising a child with high-functioning autism is incredibly difficult. One of the struggles that parents have is making sure that their children get the proper education. Private school may be the best option for your teen. There are several reasons that you should choose a private school.

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Parenting Children in the Age of Technology


Parenting has been a difficult task for most people, especially single ones. Technology has, however, brought more tasks to parenting, allowing parents to bring their children up in a more challenging way. Children are growing up digitally, and parents should be ready to bring them up that way.

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When Choosing a Home Birth Is the Right Option for You

Are you pregnant and thinking about your birthing options? In lieu of COVID-19, many parents are wanting to stay away from hospital births even though hospitals are certainly sterile environments. However, there are other reasons why home birth might be the right option for you. So, what are those options? It’s time to find out.

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Tips for Parents who Home-School

Home-schooling children can be an immersive, rewarding, and illuminating experience for many parents. Not only do you get the opportunity to witness how your child learns and tailor their educational experiences to best suit their needs, but you can also help them to develop into a well-rounded individual and maintain an element of control over the content they absorb. 

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Top Baby Items for 2021 – Making Parenting a Little Easier

As I sit to pen these words my mind is overwhelmed. It seems yesterday that I was the one in need of a post like this and the sweet baby items that make parenting a little easier. How can it be that 17 short years ago I welcomed my first into my arms? Now, here I am, on the eve of sending me two eldest into high school and my sweet caboose into middle school. So many long days have made up the fleeting years and here I sit… looking back at the ones who stole my heart and forward to welcoming a sweet GREAT niece into our family in a few short weeks. The circle of life continues and gets sweeter with each birth. 

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Choosing the Right Lactose-free Formula for Your Infant

Many parents often select infant formula derived from cow’s milk. 80% of baby formulas are made from cow’s milk. However, some infants are allergic to lactose or dairy. They are unable to digest the formula; hence they need a formula without milk. In some infants, there is a rare condition called galactosemia, where the lives of infants exposed to lactose or formula containing lactose are threatened.

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