4 Tricks to Get Your Kids Excited About Going to the Doctor’s

Going to the doctor might not be the most exciting thing that your child wants to do, but it’s an important visit. Your child needs to visit a primary care physician on a regular schedule to ensure that vaccines are updated and to ensure that your child is growing properly. Fortunately, there are a few tips that help to make visiting the doctor a bit more exciting.

Lists Are Good

Sit down with your child to make a list of the things that are frightening about the doctor. Use the list to discuss ways that these fears can be overcome. You can also create a list of questions and concerns that your child has about his body or what will happen in the office. Try to keep details simple so that your child isn’t overwhelmed. If there are any issues going on with the health of your child, you need to make sure that these are on the list as well.

Play at Home

Get a small doctor’s kit to pretend that you’re at a doctor’s office at home. Your child can sit on a bench or on a chair, waiting for you to enter the room. Show your child how some of the instruments are used in the office. Perform a few simple exams to show that the doctor is a friend and only wants your child to stay healthy. Another option is to play with dolls or stuffed animals, letting your child pretend to be a doctor.

Take a Tour

Before the visit, take a tour of the doctor’s office, like the office at Rural Health Services Consortium Inc. This will give you a chance to talk to the staff about the visit so that you’re comfortable as well. Start the tour in the waiting room, showing your child some of the fun things that are available, such as coloring books or a television to watch. Explore the exam rooms, showing your child the exam table and some of the equipment. This can help to put your child’s mind at ease about the environment and what to expect.


Sometimes, rewards might work to get your child to go to the doctor. Once your child sees that it’s no big deal, then try to slack off on the rewards. Any rewards offered should be healthy and encouraging instead of candy or junk food. Good ideas include a movie night with the family or taking a trip to the park.

The doctor can be your child’s friend if you approach the situation correctly. Understand that there will be fears and concerns. Try to address these before the appointment so that your child is prepared.

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