How to Make Summer the Healthiest Season for Your Kids

Summer is right around the corner and it’s likely that your kids are counting down the days until school is out. The summer months make for a great opportunity to teach your children some healthy seasonal habits that they can utilize for the rest of their lives. As a parent, it pays to ensure that your kids have healthy habits so they can have an enjoyable future. Here are some great summer habits that will assist in keeping your kids healthy for life.

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How Can a Bidet Improve Your Family’s Health?

The 18th century France was an interesting place for many reasons, but who would have guessed that it will be the time when people will invent one of the most useful bathroom appliances ever? Today, the progress is happening in every aspect of our lives, but it is amazing that 300 hundred years ago people came up with the solution for our personal hygiene that hasn’t been overshadowed by anything else yet.

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Family Fit: 4 Exercises You Can Do with Your Kids

Gone are the days when parents did not have to worry about their children getting enough exercise. Children used to spend much of their free time outdoors playing with their friends and biking to the corner store, but now many children spend their free time sitting indoors with books, video games or favorite television shows. While the reasons for these changes can easily be debated for hours, the truth remains that parents must be the ones to get children of all ages up and moving again.

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Have Little Kiddos? 3 Bathroom Safety Tactics to Teach Them

Many parents consider the kitchen to be the most dangerous room of the house. While the kitchen is certainly full of dangerous items, such as hot stoves, sharp knives and glass jars, it has a competitor as far as danger goes. The bathroom can, in fact, be just as dangerous as the kitchen is, and children need just as much supervision while getting ready in the morning or taking a bath at night as they do when mom or dad is cooking a meal or washing the dishes. Parents should be sure to teach the following three bathroom safety tactics to their children from a young age and should always be aware of these themselves when children are too young to care for themselves safely. Continue reading “Have Little Kiddos? 3 Bathroom Safety Tactics to Teach Them”