Have Little Kiddos? 3 Bathroom Safety Tactics to Teach Them

Many parents consider the kitchen to be the most dangerous room of the house. While the kitchen is certainly full of dangerous items, such as hot stoves, sharp knives and glass jars, it has a competitor as far as danger goes. The bathroom can, in fact, be just as dangerous as the kitchen is, and children need just as much supervision while getting ready in the morning or taking a bath at night as they do when mom or dad is cooking a meal or washing the dishes. Parents should be sure to teach the following three bathroom safety tactics to their children from a young age and should always be aware of these themselves when children are too young to care for themselves safely.

Beware Of Hot Surfaces

It is not just the stove in one’s house that can result in burns. Hot water is also a major source of burns, especially for young children who may not be able to remove their body parts quickly from the tub or sink. Children should be taught how to adjust hot and cold water and should not be left to wash their hands alone until they are able to do this well. The home’s hot water tank should be set to a maximum temperature of 120 degrees. Older homes may need anti-scald valves added by professional plumbers, such as those found at absewer.com.

Beware Of Slips And Falls

Bathrooms are also prime spots for slips and falls that can result in cuts, bruises, broken bones and even concussions. In fact, very young children who slide down in the bathtub could be in danger of drowning in only an inch or two of water. Children should be taught never to goof off when in the bathroom and never to run or jump in this room.

Beware Of Clogging Drains

While sink and tub drains can be easily clogged with hair, the toilet drain is often the prime spot for water backup in homes that have children. Young children love to watch water be flushed down the toilet and may try to flush a variety of objects. Children must be taught never to flush toys or anything other than a reasonable amount of toilet paper down the toilet.

A bathroom has many objects that can become unsafe when not used correctly. From hot water, slippery surfaces and filled tubs to irritatingly clogged drains, bathroom accidents can equal huge monetary costs, pain and even loss of life in some instances. Parents must teach their children to keep their eyes open and to remain alert whenever they are in the bathroom. Parents must realize that dangerous and deadly accidents can happen and should teach their children how to avoid them.

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