Beat The Rainy Day Blues With Your Kids

Don’t you just hate it when the rain starts to pour down outside? While it can create a rather lovely sound on the window pane, it leaves you and the kids trapped indoors. This can become miserable all too quickly and the days drag. This can be a nightmare, particularly through the summer when the kids have an endless supply of days off school. So, how can you vanquish those rainy day blues for good? Well, there are some great activities to consider in and out of the house.

Arts And Crafts

If you’re planning on staying in with the kids on a rainy day, you might want to consider completing some crafts such as paper mache. All you need to do is set up an area of your home for messy play. Put down some old newspapers or rags and unused blankets so that you don’t ruin your floors. Alternatively, set up in the garage where making a mess is less of a problem. You can find some great tutorials online that you can follow with kids of all ages to make some truly awesome creations like the one below:


Mystery Fun

Alternatively, how about solving some mysteries on a rainy day? You can head over to your local Escape Room for some themed puzzle solving. There are lots to choose from like the investigation of a pirate cove to a break-in at the museum. Kids will love this type of activity, and if you’re worried it will be too difficult for them, there’s no need. These activities are available at various different difficulty levels. As such, you’ll definitely be able to find one to suit your kids level of intellect.

This isn’t the only fun indoor activity that you can find in town either. If you want something a little more energetic, you could think about heading to a climbing wall. Or, how about heading to a trampoline park. Bounce your way across multiple trampolines for hours with kids or enroll them up for some lessons so that they can learn some cool tricks.

Head To An Indoor Water Park

The weather turning doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun splashing around. You might find there’s an indoor waterpark near where you live. You’ll usually find these in hotspot holiday locations but a lot of major cities have them, and they are usually open most of the year. That means if it’s raining outside kids can still have fun racing down flume rides and playing in a wave machine. If you don’t have a waterpark near you, a leisure pool could be a great alternative.

Add a Little Education

Of course, the weekend doesn’t need to be all fun and games. Why not consider taking your kids to the museum. You probably think they won’t thank you for this at all, but you might be surprised. Kids can find museums fascinating and learn at the same time,  particularly if you can find a way to make the trip engaging and exciting for them. Check out reviews online to find out which museums offer the best experience for kids.


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