How Can a Bidet Improve Your Family’s Health?

The 18th century France was an interesting place for many reasons, but who would have guessed that it will be the time when people will invent one of the most useful bathroom appliances ever? Today, the progress is happening in every aspect of our lives, but it is amazing that 300 hundred years ago people came up with the solution for our personal hygiene that hasn’t been overshadowed by anything else yet.

Thinking about what could it be, right? Well, it’s the bidet! Maybe now you’re thinking that the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard in a long time, but the fact is this invention has been protecting our health from centuries. Like anybody else, you only want what’s best for your family, so take some time and find out why the bidet is an essential part of any bathroom in developed countries over the world.

Where can you find a bidet?

People in North America and Australia tend to frown when somebody mentions using the bidet for personal hygiene. The reason is the misconceptions present in these countries about this bathroom appliance. Americans and Australians tend to think that using the bidet is highly unhygienic and uncomfortable and get surprised when they see it in Europe or in South America.

The fact is – almost the whole of Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia have a bidet in their bathrooms. The developed countries over the world have figured it out a long time ago that using a bidet has many benefits when it comes to intimate hygiene and health of people and children of every age.

1. Improved cleaning and intimate hygiene

You won’t use a dry piece of paper to clean your face and body, so where is the sense of using it for your intimate parts? The fact is that there will definitely be some residue if you only use the toilet paper to clean your private parts. And we all know how the skin there is highly sensitive, especially in babies and little children.

Using the water coming from the bidet will allow you to remove the entire residue without irritating the skin.

2. Improved and gentler skin care

Toilet paper, no matter how soft it can get, is still rougher than plain water. Especially when we know that most types of toilet paper have perfume and chemicals in them, which can lead to skin irritations and allergies.

Using the bidet is especially beneficial for people suffering from hemorrhoids, anal prolapse, anal fissure or other similar conditions – it is much less painful and more comfortable than using the toilet paper. The additional benefit of the bidet is that you can choose a bidet seat for your needs, meaning you can have a seat warming function or a warm air dry option as well.

3. Bidet is environmentally friendly

In America only, 3 million tons of toilet paper is used every year, meaning more than 50 million trees have to be cut in order to produce this amount of paper. If you switch to using the bidet, you will significantly decrease the use of paper in your household, reducing your environmental footprint.

Also, by not buying toilet paper, you will also save the river or the lake in your vicinity, as they get polluted by the toilet paper coming from the households, the same toilet paper full of chemicals. And let’s not forget the process of packaging needed for the toilet paper and the transportation of it across the country on an everyday basis.

4. You will save money

Just think about how many times on average you go and buy toilet paper. And then think about doing it maybe just a couple of times a year if you switch to the bidet because you’ll be using toilet paper only occasionally. It’s a simple math – your household will save a significant amount of money every month by sticking to the bidet.

Another way the bidet can save you some money is the fact that the pipes won’t get clogged as often when you start using the bidet. Toilet paper is infamous for forming clogs in pipes, making you spend a lot of money on professional services to deal with the problem. You can easily forget about that when the toilet paper use is out of the question.

Final words

It is clear now that it’s high time we left our misconceptions in the past – using the bidet is not taboo in modern societies and we should start acting like it. It is a highly modern and beneficial bathroom improvement that allows us to maintain our personal hygiene and health, but also to give our contribution to the environment, especially by saving trees from cutting and rivers from pollution. Using the bidet is a step forward in every way.


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