How to Help Your Kids Prepare for a Move

Moving can be a challenge for children. They might have to attend a new school and make new friends. They are leaving behind a room and a home that they have probably known for years. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help your kids prepare for a move.

Take a Tour

Go to the new home to take a tour. Show your children their new rooms and where they can enjoy time outside. Let them make some of the decisions about the colors for their rooms and the decorations that they want. Offer as much information about the new home as possible before moving so that they are a little more comfortable.

Loading the Truck

If your children are allowed to help pack and load the moving van, then they will probably feel like they are part of the process instead of like they are being left out. Most moving companies, such as Elite Truck Rental, have vans and trucks with ramps and steps that make it easy for kids to help get belongings onto and off the truck. The movers can also offer assistance to the children by describing what they are doing and where they are going with their possessions.

Fun Celebrations

Whether it’s a goodbye party or a welcome party in the new home, celebrate the move with your children. Invite their friends over so that they can take pictures together and have fun before moving to the new home. A slumber party is a good idea so that your children can spend as much time as possible with their friends, especially if they won’t be near them when you get to the new house.

Help with Packing

Even little kids can help pack boxes to move to the new home. Let them know what they can keep, such as toys and blankets, helping them put items from their room into a box. A large box is sometimes a better option for younger children because they can play a game by trying to toss stuffed animals inside it while smaller boxes work well with older children who might want to organize their items in a certain way.

Begin talking to your children about moving as soon as you can. If they can see that moving to a new home isn’t a bad thing, then children are more likely to assist in moving and be comfortable with the situation. Let your children participate in moving as much as they can by packing and getting their belongings sorted in their new rooms.

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