4 Great Summer Activities for Your Gifted Child

Summer with a gifted child can be unique when filled with the right challenging tasks to keep up with the motivation. With gifted children often getting bored quickly, the only option for training is to select stimulating, creative activities to keep their minds busy while offering an opportunity to learn. Here are four great summer activities for your gifted child.

Strategy Board Games

Strategy board games are uniquely created, and no two are similar. However, the family can enjoy some together. Others are perfect for critical thinking for your gifted child. Up it a bit and enroll in a strategy board game competition in the community or in STEM learning summer camps where players in teams have to observe shapes, colors, and patterns, placing them in the right place on the boards. Players have to complete the sequences by utilizing logical reasoning and creativity to play. They are perfect for your gifted child as they give the thrill of engaging their minds and do it in the company of other gifted children.

Learning Camps

Learning Camps are ideal for gifted children as the subjects taught are distinct. It ensures that the children become more active participants instead of just listening in. Technology is used, and problem-solving situations are presented to jar the child to think of the solutions critically. Science, mathematics, and engineering in the STEM summer learning camps create project-based learning methods that encourage children to practice what they learn. STEM summer learning camps also help the parents recognize why and how their child is gifted.

Mad Libs

Mad libs work to engage your child for more extended periods as they help children practice and learn more on word formation and letter association. Mad libs offer children who know about speech the opportunity to create their own stories by filling in the blanks. It’s a great learning experience for both parents and children as they learn to fit words correctly while also allowing parents to listen to their kids’ stories.

Language Classes

Children up to 7 years can learn most languages. Please take this opportunity, especially with a gifted child, to help them learn more languages. Your child will be fascinated with the words and letters and how they are different from their primary language wordings. However, you might want to get into online classes before getting a face-to-face tutor to answer all their questions regarding the culture of the language and even pronunciation.

As a parent, keep checking on ways your child is gifted to understand their unique needs and offer necessary tools to help. Note that mastering things is more effortless, and children who do not communicate verbally will need a different learning plan. 

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