When Should Your Family Seek Debt Relief?

Going to work every day, driven by debt, is no way to live life. After long enough, everyone would feel burnt out living in those circumstances. If you’re struggling to live with debt, there are options to make things easier. Here are a few things to guide you on when it’s time for debt relief.

Calculate Your Debt to Income Ratio

Look at the last 90 days of bank statements, including deposits. Tally up how much you’ve earned each month and figure out a monthly average. Then, look at how much you’re spending on debt obligations. It’s best if you can divide expenses into obligations and elastic expenses. For example, classify everything you’ve spent on food into its own category. Once everything has been categorized, divide your income by the debt. If it’s above 41%, excluding housing, it’s getting out of hand. That would be a time when debt relief might make sense for your family. A quick internet search can help you find professional assistance like  Bromwich and smith, to help you explore your options, too.

Has Your Household Income Changed Recently?

One of the fastest ways to have your life turned upside down is by experiencing a loss of income. Once your income changes, it doesn’t take long before they’ve fallen behind on payments. Compounded by late fees, their obligations only become more overwhelming as time passes. Even if they find a way to replace their income, catching up on everything might be impossible. So, that would be another time debt relief could make sense.

Is There Any Way to Lower Monthly Expenses?

Let’s say you’ve realized the DTI of your household has grown too large. But, you’re not sure how to correct things without declaring bankruptcy. If that were the case, you could reduce expenses and use the money toward debt. By paying down the debts, your DTI would begin improving, lowering the burden on you. Sometimes, we’ve found apps can be helpful while trying to reduce expenses. They’ve developed some that check your budget to see where cuts can be made. Within a few seconds, they’ll show you all the subscriptions on your budget. Plus, some of them even let you cancel things from within the app.

How Is Your Credit Score Doing?

The biggest reason people don’t declare bankruptcy is its effect on your credit score. After filing one, it can take up to 7 years for credit to fully recover. However, when it’s already low, that might not be too bad. See how yours is doing and think about what that means to you. If it’s under 600, it can’t get much worse. Debt relief may be a good idea, even if it hurts your score some.

Have You Already Fallen Behind on Payments?

Debt relief can be tremendously helpful if you’ve forgotten to make all your payments on time. Usually, when that happens, things tend to compound on you. You’ll wind up in a situation where things seem to be getting harder and harder. That’s because each missed payment has late fees added to it, making them even larger. So, paying for them is more difficult because you have to pay more for each one. To us, that sounds like the right time to seek relief. Nobody should have to go through life with that kind of burden weighing them down.

What Kind of Options Are Available for Debt Relief?

Generally speaking, there are a few ways to go about seeking debt relief. The most common would be to declare bankruptcy. If you do that, your credit report will be wiped clean. So, nothing will be on it anymore after everything is done at court.

But, it has a long-term impact on your credit, too. Speaking to a debt counselor can help you figure out what’s best. They’ll discuss all the options available to you and show you how they’d look.


Debt relief has saved many from a life of burdensome obligations. If you’re going from one payment to the next, life gets tedious. Don’t let yours become a montage of bills and debt. Instead, take control by learning how to manage debt. Then, life will begin to exhibit its signature luster once more.

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