Amazing Hacks for Achieving the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

The no-makeup makeup look is something that most women strive to accomplish, but it’s not that easy. But no matter what your makeup skills are, perfecting that airbrush like natural makeup can be tricky. For those who are still trying to perfect here some amazing hacks that will help you perfect the no-makeup makeup look.

Always Start with Skincare

The first and most effective hack is to start with fresh skin. Always choose products that will make your skin smooth and glowy. When you have a fresh and smooth surface to work with you have one less step to try and recreate with makeup. The biggest plus with creating a good skincare is that it will make your skin healthier and clever in the long run.  

Use A Primer

When you are trying to go for a natural look, there is nothing that will make your base smoother than a primer. A primer is there to fill your pores and give a smooth base that will hold your makeup and ensure it stays on the whole day. Choose ones that will hydrate your skin rather than having a mattifying one. 

Be Clever with Concealing   

When you are trying to cover up, you’re under eyes and blemishes while trying to keep your no-makeup look it can be hard not to go overboard. When you are choosing to put on full-coverage concealers you should put a small dot on the problem area. If you need to cover it up more, instead of having one thick layer, build up multiple thin ones. 

Reconsider Your Foundation Choice

As you can probably figure out on your own, the thicker and full coverage your foundation is the less natural look you will have. Choose foundations that have light coverage and a thin texture. You should choose something that is light and will reduce any discolorations. Just like with a concealer it is better to have multiple sheer layers on your problem areas than having one thick one. 

Pay Attention to Your Eyelashes                   

When you are doing a no-makeup makeup look it’s all about having lashes that look natural. When you are slathering on mascara to make your eyelashes look longer you are making them super heavy. So, because you are trying to make a soft look that is just too much. If you are someone who has blond or lighter eyelashes you can look into getting eyelash tinting. That will accentuate your eyes but still look natural.

Always Pick Cream Over Powder

The best hack when you are trying to accomplish the no-makeup look is to use cream powders instead of old powder ones. That will ensure that your makeup is glowing and dewy. That is why it is so much better to use cream blushes and highlighters and use your fingers to blend it. 

Brow Gel Is Super Important

If you don’t like your brows when they are not done, there is a better way to create a balance between going full glam and a no-makeup makeup look. The only thing you really need is a good brow gel and your eyebrow game will be a hundred.

Embrace the Dewiness

The best way to top off your makeup is to add more dewiness to it but without it just looking wet and greasy. Rather than putting on shimmery highlighters and sparing your faces with things choose things that have a clear base. They will not only blend better into your other cream products but it will also look natural.

Always Use a Beauty Blender

If you are doing all of our hacks that we have listed above and you aren’t using a beauty blender to apply them that is what you are missing. When you wet your beauty blender and use it in a dabbing motion it will create a seamless finish. What it does is truly unmatched to any other application tools and sponges.


In the end, everything depends on what your perception of natural makeup is and how much makeup you are willing to put on. Some people are comfortable with their skin and will put on just the bare minimum. But others will feel more comfortable with more product on and it will still be a no-makeup makeup look.


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Maggie Holmes is a passionate blogger keen on writing about beauty and fashion. Her hobby is to surf the net to find amazing articles that can inspire her with fresh ideas for article writing. She loathes being a common person who wastes her time. Follow her on Twitter.

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