The Most Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

The hardest but most fun part of planning an engagement is selecting the ring. Engagement rings come in so many designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. It can be difficult to decide which one your partner will love.

Fortunately, trends have changed and the rules have gone out the window. Today, choosing an engagement ring all depends on a person’s style and preferences, which means there’s no right or wrong. However, it does help to learn about the ring styles that are considered “timeless”. This will make your search for the best sparkler a lot easier.


Let’s start the list with the most classic and traditional ring styles.

A solitaire ring style has a single diamond. It is best suited for a person who has a simple yet elegant taste for jewelry. The solitaire ring style never goes out of fashion so you know your significant other will always love it. Since the focal point of a solitaire ring is the gemstone in the center, choosing a high-quality diamond is important. Diamonds used for solitaire rings are usually larger, which is why they tend to be more expensive than other ring styles.


Another timeless ring style for engagements is the Princess Cut. It’s a fancy-shaped diamond that’s been designed from the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond stone. Since a Princess Cut has between 50 and 58 facets, it is among the most brilliant diamonds. For such reason, this style is a very popular choice for engagement rings. When shopping for this ring style, you want to take a closer look at the diamond cut. It should have the brilliance and the fire you’re looking for.


This show-stopping ring style is known for its distinctive rows of narrow facets, and its long, rectangular shape. If your partner loves clean lines and geometric shapes, this might be what you’re looking for. The emerald-cut engagement ring is highly reminiscent of Hollywood drama, class, and sophistication. It’s a sought-after style that is perfect for modern brides.


An oval diamond cut provides exceptional brilliance. Unlike a round diamond, you can’t predict how an oval-cut diamond will look. That’s why it’s considered unique and exquisite. No wonder why Princess Diana’s engagement ring style is oval-cut. This ring style makes the hand and finger appear slimmer and is always priced lower than round brilliants. If your partner enjoys a rounded design, you can add more character to it by choosing an engagement ring with an oval-shaped stone.


As the name suggests, this ring style groups together many smaller stones to create an effect of a larger diamond. It’s also called an “illusion ring”. A cluster ring is an affordable option for engagement rings because it uses smaller diamonds with lower carat weight. It’s a great way to maximize the sparkle without blowing off your budget.

It’s also a unique ring style, perfect for anyone who wants to be different. That’s why even celebrities and royals love cluster rings. Prince William used a cluster ring style to propose to Kate Middleton. Furthermore, cluster diamonds can be set in so many ways. Choose a traditional circle cluster or a modern asymmetrical design if you’re after versatility.


A halo ring is a setting that features a diamond center surrounded by smaller stones, called pavé diamonds. The pavé stones add more character and depth to the ring style and draw attention to the center stone. Some people prefer to have a halo of gemstones but halo diamonds are the most popular. Halo rings are bigger and bolder than the classic solitaire ring and have a vintage appeal.

The best thing about a halo ring style is its ability to enhance the size of the diamond center. Similar to the cluster, it creates an illusion of a bigger diamond. The center stone doesn’t have to be round. In fact, it can be of any shape, including marquise, heart, pear, oval, and emerald.


Another timeless ring style for engagement is the Pavé. It involves embedding tiny diamonds or other gems into the band of the ring. It’s a simple style but is very elegant and beautiful. You can choose to have a center diamond for added glam and sparkle, but the Pavé ring is already brilliant in itself. A popular approach to this ring style is to replace some of the diamonds with your partner’s birthstone to give it a unique and personalized twist.


A three-stone engagement ring features three stones, usually diamonds set on the band. Typically, there is a large center diamond with two smaller stones on the side. It’s a very romantic ring that carries a peculiar significance. The three stones are said to symbolize love, friendship, and fidelity. They also represent a couple’s journey, from the past, present and future. This ring style is also called the “trilogy” or “trinity” ring. It’s perfect for couples who want a deeper meaning in their engagement ring. Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is a three-stone style.

Eternity Style

Another ring style that has a particular meaning is the eternity band, which symbolizes “everlasting love.” Traditionally, an eternity ring is given to a wife by his husband after a decade or so of marriage. However, many modern couples choose an eternity ring style for their engagement.

The diamonds on an eternity band can be set in varying styles. They can be pavé, channel, or French-set. Modern designs feature a row of similar-sized sparkling diamonds all around the ring. Eternity rings don’t normally have a center stone or focal point, unlike most styles.


The cathedral ring is one of the most sought-after traditional engagement rings. It’s a classic and elegant setting that elevates the stone in an aesthetic way. This ring setting is reminiscent of the arches in the ceilings and doorways of Gothic-style cathedrals, which is where it gets its name. Cathedral settings are beautiful and easy to work with. They are also ideal if you want to accentuate your center stone.


Bezel engagement rings are touted for their beauty, modern style, and durability. A bezel is a type of ring that holds the diamond inside a thin metal rim, keeping it secure and protected while showing off its beauty and brilliance. It’s great for everyday wear and is perfect for people who have active lifestyles.

Bezel rings are available in different styles, from classic solitaires to pavé, halo, and many more. Some rings can feature intricate designs, such as a beaded band or one with vine-like patterns. If you want the diamond to really shine through, you can opt for a partial bezel setting. It’s half bezel with a pavé band. This style leaves the sides of the diamond open so it sparkles more when exposed to light.


Engagement rings are special and memorable emblems that mark another chapter of a couple’s journey. Choosing a ring for your engagement can be a tough task, with so many styles to choose from.

If you’re looking for a ring that doesn’t go out of fad, any of the styles mentioned above fits the bill. They are classic, timeless, and elegant. However, feel free to make changes with the design, stone, and color of the ring, especially if you’re buying a customized piece.

It doesn’t always have to be a diamond stone, though it’s always a fine choice for engagement rings. Always consider your partner’s personal style and preference so you can choose the ring style that best fits them.

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