5 Fantasy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Bringing your fantasies to life can be simple and fun. All you need are creative ideas and your imagination. The first books that are read to children are usually fairy tales that take place in magical places. This is why kids love adding a little bit of magic to their special day. Here are a few exciting ideas for your next fantasy themed birthday party.

Fairies, Fairies Everywhere

Fairies are often a little mysterious with feisty personalities. You can use fairies like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan to base your creative ideas off of. If you get stuck, you can watch a movie or read a storybook with fairies in it. You can purchase large and small fantasy-like flowers from a craft store to place in the room. Additionally, you can give kids coloring books filled with fairy stories to color in.

Knights and Dragons

While knights and dragons are often enemies, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be in conflict. Let your imagination run wild with a party that is not gendered. Fantasy themes can let kids enjoy themselves. You can even celebrate a special birthday at a fantasy themed restaurant like Lost Worlds Myth and Magic. Find an arcade or restaurant in your area that offers themed atmosphere. Wherever you go, make sure your costume is allowed for safety reasons. Besides this, you don’t have to wear a costume if you don’t want to. Dragon costumes can have wings and be any color of the rainbow.

Magical, Sparkly Unicorns

It’s perfectly acceptable to believe unicorns exist if they’re at your fantastic party. You can put children in unique costumes you designed yourself for an inspiring day. Further, you might enjoy putting on glitter, stars or anything else to enhance the unicorn’s appearance. Decorate tables, chairs, and walls with items you purchase at an arts and crafts store. You can even play games like pin the tail on the unicorn.

Mermaids of the Ocean

Being a beautiful mermaid isn’t impossible if you dress up as one at a party. Let kids pick out the color of their costumes, hair and accessories. You can get creative and make the costume yourself, or find one online or locally. Every child deserves to live out their dream life, if only for a while. In fact, you can join in the fun, and be a mermaid of the ocean too.

Classic Fantasy Storybook

Consider letting everyone choose a character to dress as from their favorite classic fantasy storybook. This can be Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland or another story. You can decorate the room with famous fantasy storybook characters to create a truly immersive environment.

If these ideas don’t quite fit what you had in mind, try generating your own. You can brainstorm with a pencil and paper to come up with more. Remember to use your imagination to think up colorful themes, creative character costumes and anything else you desire.

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