Does My Teen Need Wisdom Teeth Removal? 4 Ways to Tell

Getting wisdom teeth removed is a normal thing for many teens and adults. However, it isn’t always easy to tell if you should schedule an appointment to have your teen’s wisdom teeth taken out. The process isn’t complex, but it can be an uncomfortable one, and not everyone necessarily has to have theirs removed. We’ll show you a few tips on how to tell if and when your teen needs their wisdom teeth removal done.


Wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars that grow during the teenage years. There’s only so much room in your mouth, and this set of teeth can start to crowd out others that people need to use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth might grow at odd angles and braces cannot correct them. If overcrowding is an issue, the only option for dentists is removal of the wisdom teeth. Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, but some dentists may recommend this procedure early to make it more convenient for some people.

Pain or Irritation

If a person feels any pain or mild discomfort, it could be a sign that the wisdom teeth are growing in and causing problems. This can be especially true if the feeling of pain comes from the back of the jaw. If this kind of pain is occurring, a visit to a dentist can help you figure out if it is related to wisdom teeth or something else. Because not all pain means wisdom teeth need to come out, scheduling an appointment can help determine the proper course of action.

Sinus Problems

Many people may not realize that issues with their wisdom teeth can affect their sinuses too. Because wisdom teeth can have an impact on other things, a dental visit or x-ray can help teen clients avoid other problems. As the roots of the wisdom teeth grow, there are rare cases where they can put pressure on the sinuses and cause congestion and pain.

Inflammation of the Gums

As a person’s wisdom teeth start to grow, the roots can push against the gum line and create a sort of flap. This flap isn’t supposed to be there, and it might trap certain bacteria that are harder to get rid of via brushing. Lingering bacteria can cause gum inflammation that is a sign of problems with wisdom teeth.

The removal of wisdom teeth might be one of the most ubiquitous procedures in the dental industry, but it probably isn’t something you want to put your teen through unnecessarily. However, if your teen’s wisdom teeth are causing problems, it’s much better to get them out now than to wait until the problem gets worse.

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