Extra-Curricular Exasperation: Keeping Calm During Your Kid’s Competition Weekend

Competition weekends can be horrifying for parents. You aren’t just dealing with stress—you’re dealing with the stress of your child and possibly an entire team. Regardless of whether you are ferrying your children to sporting or performance events or even debate competitions, the weekend can be a whirlwind of forgotten bags, crying children and unexpected expenses. If you want to make these weekends a little more bearable, try following the advice below.

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5 Unique Ways to Get Your Child to Have Fun Outdoors

Between the TV, video games and mobile devices, your child may be spending too much time in the house. Getting children to stay outside more is only effective if they enjoy what they do. Exposure to the outdoor environment is good for your child’s health. They get some Vitamin D from the sun, not to mention the outdoor is great for physical and mental well-being. An added advantage is that you can prevent kids from making a mess in the house. Coming up with activities that will spark excitement requires a bit of creativity but here are a few.

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4 Father and Son Activities To Bond With Your Teen This Summer

The first several years of his life flew by. Now your boy is a teenager, and finding things to do together can be somewhat of a challenge. Spending quality time with him is made more difficult when you have to compete with school, friends, sports activities, girlfriends, and social media to even have a two-minute convo with the kid you used to tuck in at night. It’s crucial to keep bonding with your young adult before he flies the nest. Doing so will keep you both close as he enters adulthood, and also help communication lines stay open so he’ll be more likely to come to you with problems and trust your advice. These father and son activities can be done no matter where you live and no matter your budget. Bonding with your son doesn’t have to be an expensive experience, nor does summer have to be boring.

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The Year of Togetherness: 5 Activities to Try as a Family in 2019

Today’s hectic schedules make it more important than ever to find time to spend together. Kids who are regularly engaged in family time do better in school, have better communication skills and work more effectively with others. You can provide enjoyable “family time” by finding new activities to engage children’s minds and improve their physical health. Here are a few activities to start with that the entire family can enjoy. 

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4 Activities to Help Gym-Haters through Exercise Time

Working out is essential to staying healthy, but your daily trip to the gym can feel more like a punishment than anything else. The good news is that you don’t just have to blame laziness as the reason for dreading your next trek on the treadmill. A Dutch study found that up to 37 percent of people’s different responses to exercise is rooted in their genes. 

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Visiting India with Kids: Where to Go and What to Do

Regardless of age, going on a trip to India will surely be a feast for the senses. However, you might have received some raised eyebrows when you told friends you want to bring your kids along! It is not at all impossible and the experience might even enrich your children’s personality if the vacation is done right. India can be a challenging place to visit and traveling with the little ones requires extra effort on your end. Planning ahead is imperative as it is your duty to keep your kids entertained and absorbed for both your sake and theirs!

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Activities You Can Do When You’re on a Camping Trip

If you are going camping with your family, you need to realize it is easier said than done. Considering the fact there will be different people with different tastes, you must make sure every person has an extraordinary time. Agreed, it is no easy task, but if you focus on group activities specifically, your family as a whole will have a great time. However, if you are not sure about the activities you should incorporate in your next trip, then here are a couple for your consideration.

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3 Dilemmas You’ll Inevitably Face If Your Child Is a Daredevil

Some children seem to have an innate and reasonable sense of caution and even fear that keeps them away from truly dangerous situations. For example, many children would not dream of climbing to the highest location possible in a tree or scaling the house to stand on the roof. Other children, however, are true daredevils. They thrive on adrenaline and love to push the limits. If one of your children falls into this latter category, there are a few dilemmas that you will inevitably face over the years.

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3 Awesome Hobbies for Your Thrill-Seeking Child

Finding hobbies or extracurricular activities that your children will be passionate and enthusiastic about is more challenging for some parents than for others. Many children are perfectly happy playing on a neighborhood sports team or learning how to play a musical instrument. Others, however, live for big thrills and thrive on rushes of adrenaline. For these children, common activities can seem dull. If your child has tried other more common activities and hobbies without much luck, these are some other less common activities that may be better suited for thrill-seekers. Continue reading “3 Awesome Hobbies for Your Thrill-Seeking Child”

Having Family Over for Summer Fun? How to Avoid Stress

Summer is finally here, and it is getting close to the annual family get together. As is to be expected, there will be standing room only once all the aunts, uncles and cousins make it over. Things will be crowded, but you do look forward to the time you will get to spend with family you do not get to see too often. This year, you hope to pull things off with as little stress as possible, so here are a few tips to help you keep the stress levels down.

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