Summer’s Just Around the Corner: 4 Unique Water Activities for Kids

When the weather turns warm, water games and activities are a great way to keep kids entertained. Put a new twist on water play, and your kids will be even more engaged. This summer, use some of these activities to build your own backyard waterpark

Make a Pool Noodle Waterfall

If you’re tired of the sprinkler, make a waterfall instead. Use a nail to poke holes along the length of a pool noodle. Stuff an old plastic bag in one end of the noodle, and seal it shut with duct tape. Insert a garden hose in the opposite end, and water will flow out of the holes you made. Have an adult hold the waterfall up for kids to run under, or prop it up for hands-free play.

Play Slip-and-Slide Kickball

For a summertime take on a classic game, position a slip and slide between each of the kickball bases. To get around the playing field, kids must walk, run or slide along these slippery surfaces. Be sure to stake down the plastic so it stays in place. For tons of fun, put a kiddie pool at home plate. Players can splash into it whenever they score a run.

Go on an Underwater Bottle Hunt

Kids enjoy searching the bottom of the pool for diving rings, erasers, or plastic action figures. If your crew is ready for a greater challenge, fill a clear 2-liter bottle with water. Cap the bottle and toss it into the pool for swimmers to find. You may be surprised at how challenging it is to find a clear bottle underwater! Just be sure to keep up with your pool maintenance so that your water is clean, clear and inviting.

Invite the Neighbors Over for Water Games

With a crowd of people, you can hold a series of water competitions that will entertain the participants for hours. For a soaking-wet relay race, ask players to run with a saturated sponge on their heads. Freeze two t-shirts in pans of water for an icy competition. A team wins by being the first to free its shirt from the block of ice and put it on a player. Water balloon tosses are fun, but filling the balloons is time-consuming. Use sealed zip-top bags of water instead.

With these backyard activities, your family can stay cool all summer. Both in and out of the pool, water games keep kids happy and entertained.

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