Five Fun Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween 2020

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Halloween is going to look a little different this year as the country balances its love for the Halloween season with COVID-19 guidelines recommended by health authorities. Some people may go trick-or-treating while taking proper safety precautions and maintaining social distancing. Others may delight in the spooky season from the comfort of their homes.


However, you celebrate, Halloween is happening! To help you plan, the National Confectioners Association, which represents some of the country’s favorite chocolate and candy companies, has five tips for celebrating the Halloween season in fun, safe and creative ways.

1. Throw a virtual costume party

Grab some friends, put on your favorite costume, and hop on a video call for a night of Halloween fun. Being together, even if it’s only virtually, can still be a treat!


2. Think about the entire season

While October 31st is usually the big night for Halloween celebrations, the weeks leading up to it can be used to get into the Halloween spirit. We always start early. Once the candy corn reaches the shelves, it is the official start of the holiday season for us. It’s time to find the perfect costume and stock up on our favorite treats.


3. Go trick-or-treating door to door in your house or backyard

Create a trick-or-treat route inside your home or in the backyard as a socially-distanced alternative. You could even do a Halloween candy scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless!


4. Curl up with your favorite scary movie

There is just something special about a movie night. I love to grab a bowl of popcorn and a few assorted treats and gather the family for a screening of some classic Halloween films. Sweet and salty treats are the best for movie nights, wouldn’t you agree?


5. Treat yourself

Everyone loves candy, so why not treat yourself by enjoying some of your favorites to celebrate the important Halloween tradition of chocolate and candy without trick-or-treating? I love chocolate. In the past, I’ve been guilty of searching through the kids’ candy to find it. I’ve learned to pick up a few of my favorite treats, not only what the kiddos like. Besides, they don’t really like it when I steal their candy!

The National Confectioners Association has more tips like these on Halloween Central to help families celebrate the Halloween season creatively and safely this year. It also has extra information on how candy companies are helping consumers make informed decisions by providing more options in smaller pack sizes and clear calorie labels on the front of the pack. Halloween Central will continue to grow as Halloween draws closer, so check back often for more updates, tips, and tricks.


How will you celebrate Halloween 2020? Show the folks at the National Confectioners Association how you’re celebrating Halloween 2020 in fun and creative ways by following them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and using the hashtags #HalloweenIsHappening, #HalloweenTreats, and #NCATips. We can’t wait to see your ideas! Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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  1. I have been treating myself. I love candy 😉 And I enjoy scary movies even though I cover my eyes.

  2. My friend said that this 2020 feels like a whole year of Halloween feels. However, we will still looking forward to have fun even virtually by having virtual parties with e-prizes!

  3. Yes to all of this! 2020 Halloween will definitely be different and it’s important to celebrate safely! There are ways to do so and I love all of these ideas.

  4. I love this. This is a weird year for just about everything but this list helps us embrace the change. I will be curling up with candy and watching hocus pocus this year for sure.

  5. This couldn’t be a more timely post. It’s good that we can still celebrate, and safely too.

  6. Awesome ideas to celebrate Halloween. My favorite one was to treat myself to candy. Going from door to door in your own house is also nice especially for little kids.

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