Humidifying Your Home the Smarter Way

Humidifying your home is so important during the winter. When we run the heat, it sucks the moisture out of the air in our homes. That leads to dry skin, dry nasal passages, and a lot of discomforts. If you’re like me, your hands get incredibly dry and eventually crack. Your nose gets itchy and raw. The back of your throat is constantly scratchy. It’s miserable. Humidifying your home is an excellent way to stave off all of that. When you have the proper level of humidity in the air, you’re a much happier camper. 

Humidifying Your Home Isn’t Always Easy

I’ve had many humidifiers over the years, and the one thing they’ve all had in common is that they were huge pains. Sure, they added moisture to the air, but it was always such a hassle. There was no way to control how much humidity was in the air, so the house went from dry to uncomfortably… wet almost. The air actually felt sticky. That was way too much humidity. Of course, I also had to make sure that I remembered to check the water level constantly so the humidifier wouldn’t run while devoid of water. Spilling was always a concern, as well, with almost all of them having the reservoir on top for some reason. There was a lot of babysitting with those humidifiers which is why I ultimately just stopped using them. 


A Smarter Way to Humidify Your Home

Just when I had given up all hope of finding a good humidifier and resigned myself to a life cracked hands, a scratchy throat, and living in the driest house in the world, I found the Keecoon humidifier. It’s a smarter way to humidify your house. Humidifying your home is easy with the Keecoon because it takes out all the guesswork. It has a sensor to keep your home at the ideal humidity level: about 45% to 60%. It humidifies without putting spores and other impurities into the air. It uses Silver Clean Protection embedded in the humidifier tank to fight mold and mildew growth, while its UV-C Light reduces germs while it emits its mist into the air. 

It also features the perfect size. It’s 2.1-gallon capacity makes it perfect for bedrooms, offices, and other large rooms. It also does away with water leakage issues because the reservoir is on the bottom, keeping it more stable, as well. With this design, the water is pumped upward, and the entire housing can be removed for easy cleaning. Finally, the Keecoon is super quiet. At less than 35dB, you can run it at night without waking up yourself, your family, or even the baby. 

I’ve been using my Keecoon for about two weeks now, and it’s working like a charm. The air is exactly as humid as it should be. I’ve had no issues with housing removal, filling, or cleaning, either. It’s been the easiest humidifier I’ve ever used, and it works perfectly. 

If you’re looking for a humidifier, I highly suggest the Keecoon for humidifying your home. When you order using the discount code 85K7, you’ll save 10%. It’s only active until November 2020, so hurry. 

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