4 Ideas for a Fun-Filled Family Road Trip Across the Country

Nothing says adventure quite like a family road trip across the country. Although it may be tempting to hop a plane to travel from coast to coast, there are plenty of memories to be made by turning your next family vacation into a road trip. While you may be envisioning tiring days of driving or siblings arguing, there are plenty of ways to keep a road trip far from boring. Check out these 4 ideas for a fun-filled family road trip across the country.

Plan Frequent and Meaningful Stops

It is entirely possible to plan a trip from East to West coast (or vice versa) that only accounts for stops to sleep. A trip from New York to California is technically “quicker” this way. However a road trip with very few to no stops can make for some extremely cranky passengers. Instead, plan frequent and entertaining stops along your route to prevent kids and adults alike from becoming irritable. Pit stops can easily be found through an internet search, an encompassing Atlas, or spur of the moment from roadside advertisements. A beautiful mountain view, peculiar statues, relaxing swimming holes, and delicious restaurants can be found all across the country. Make the journey as enjoyable as the destination with this easy and fun tip.

Bring the Whole Family

Everyone knows vacations are more fun with a group. An adventure across the country reaches new heights when others can join in on the fun. So why not bring the whole family (immediate and extended) on your big adventure? Obtaining a bus charter is perhaps the easiest way to get the entire family involved on your next big road trip. While a larger group may require more planning, it can also be more affordable by splitting costs amongst the family.

Keep the Ride Fun and Comfortable

No matter how many passengers or stops you make, a road trip is still riding in a vehicle of some sort (whether bus or car). Just because the majority of your time is spent in a vehicle doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Turn your vehicle into an oasis with a few easy tricks; pack plenty of snacks, make room for blankets and pillows, organize activities for kids, play various road games, let your kids slide on-screen time with movies and games. With these simple tricks, your car ride will go from boring to fun in no time.

Choose an Enticing Destination

Last but not least, choose an enticing destination for your family road trip across the country. A meaningful and exciting destination gives everyone motivation to embark on the journey and any bumps along the way. Prior to your trip have a family meeting to decide the best place for you and your family. For some, it might be the wonders of a major national landmark or the magic of a theme park. Each family is different, but one thing remains the same: a destination should be just as much fun as the journey.

You may decide you’re better suited for a road trip with your friends instead of family. Maybe you want to go out of town for a few days for a New Year’s party or birthday bash. For example, you could travel safe to Clearwater on a party bus and keep everyone together and accounted for.

No matter where the road may take you, what stops you choose along the way, or the number of people who ride along, family road trips build lasting memories. Next time you dream of your family vacation consider a family road trip. With these 4 ideas and tips, any road trip will easily become a success.

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