4 Ways You Can Make the Bedrooms in Your Home More Energy Efficient

When it comes to maintaining an energy-efficient home, each room in your home makes a difference. While common areas, such as kitchens and living rooms, contribute a lot to the overall energy use of your home. It’s important to look at smaller rooms, such as bedrooms, to find energy savings, as well. The good news is that making changes to help improve the energy-effficiency of the bedrooms in your home can also make for a more enjoyable and relaxing space.

Install Heavy Curtains

Adding thick curtains to the bedroom windows will do a lot to enhance the energy-efficiency of these spaces. The best types of curtains are thick enough to prevent any sunlight from entering the room. This means that the bedrooms around your home won’t heat up in the summer, even if the sun is shining on that side of the house. Plus, in the winter, you can open these curtains to allow for natural heating.

Add Light Dimmers

The lighting in your bedroom plays a crucial role in the quality of sleep that you get. That’s why it’s a good idea to install light dimmers in each of your home’s bedrooms so that you can dim the lights before you go to bed, creating a more relaxing environment. Of course, dim lights also help to reduce the energy consumption, resulting in more energy-efficient bedrooms.

Add Carpet

If you’re a believer in hard floors throughout your home, that approach may be hurting your home’s energy-efficiency. Though hard-surface floors are certainly preferable in high-traffic areas, they aren’t as important in less-traveled rooms such as bedrooms. If you have hard-surface floors in your bedroom, they could cause the room to feel colder in the winter, thereby causing you to turn up the heat. By installing carpet in your home’s bedrooms and hard-surface floors elsewhere, you can realize the full benefits of both types of flooring.

Install Ceiling Fans

Staying cool while you rest is an important part of ensuring that you get a restful and restorative night of sleep. In some cases, though, it can be difficult to keep bedrooms cool with your air conditioner alone because they’re located further away from the blower unit, leading to a lower volume of cool air entering each bedroom. By adding ceiling fans, though, you can help the air in bedrooms feel cooler, thereby increasing the quality of your sleep. This means that you can increase the temperature of your home overall, leading to lower energy usage.


Since you probably don’t spend many of your waking hours in your home’s bedrooms, you may not notice the times during the day when their temperatures fluctuate. By taking some time to observe these changes, you can determine the best methods for reducing these fluctuations to ensure each bedroom stays comfortable without using too much energy.

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