4 Ways to Combat Dry Winter Air in Your Home

During the winter months, everyone naturally wants to get cozy inside. However, what happens when the indoor air is causing dry skin and nose bleeds? During the winter months, the humidity is considerably lower. As a result, the air can get really dry inside. In order to combat indoor dryness, consider the following four tips.

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Insulate your home

Even though you might’ve locked the door and closed the windows, air can still seep in through the cracks. Knowing this, it’s a wise idea to insulate your home. Insulating your home will prevent even more dryness from permeating inside. Pay attention to any cracks or openings in your attic, windows, and doors. In the long run, you’ll also save a bit of money on your electric bill when your heat isn’t escaping outside.

Maintain house plants

If you have a green thumb, it’s time to use it. If you don’t have a green thumb, it’s time to learn. Once you keep a few houseplants well-watered, they can help to release moisture into the air. They’re also great because many indoor plants are natural air purifiers.

Use a humidifier

A humidifier is extremely beneficial for adding humidity to your home. Check to see if you have a central humidifier before you go and purchase one from the store. You can also call in the professionals who provide AC installation services to check your unit. In addition to purchasing or installing a humidifier, get a thermometer that can gauge the humidity in the room to make sure it’s in a good range. 

Encourage moisture-inducing habits

Make sure your family is drinking lots of water throughout the day. This will help them to maintain a certain level of hydration. Encourage the application of lotion shortly after taking a shower to lock the moisture into the skin. Avoid taking really long and hot showers. Hot showers are very drying to the skin. When you’re taking a shower, leave the door open to allow the moisture to seep through the rest of the rooms on that particular floor. It’s also nice to purchase a few essential oil diffusers. A diffuser provides a calm soothing ambiance. Some people may confuse the two so just remember, a humidifier emits water vapor, whereas the diffuser emits essential oils.

As you work towards combating the dry air in your home, make sure you prioritize the humidifier as it can make the largest difference. As you gradually incorporate the other tips, you’ll look up and realize that dry winter air is a thing of the past.

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