Best Smart Home Devices You Won’t Want to Live Without

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With the revolution of AI in the digital world and everything going around turning smart, your house will be the only place left without the Ph.D. of smartness. And while you might have yet to get one smart device at home, chances are you will probably get one by the end of this year. 

Parks Associates conducted research in October 2022, surveying 10,000 US households connected to the Internet. The reports convey that 38% of homes, by this time, own at least one smart home device, while 48% are likely to get their first smart home device in the next 12 months already.

If you think about it: is there no ‘smart device’ at your home? At rock bottom, there must be someone you know who owns a smart home device that leaves you in awe and makes you want it.

Get The Best Smart Home Device 

It’s high time you ramp up your home and enter a life of comfort and perks with these gadgets. The range goes from the ease of turning your kettle on from bed to letting your door lock automatically: once you get out of your home. These tech-savvy devices can (no doubt) bring convenience and saves energy and time.

Here we have collected some of the best home smart devices you would love. So, all you have to do is scroll through this article, choose your favorite gadget, and place your order! 

Alarm Clock: Start your day with a smart alarm clock. You can get a Hatch Restore that not only wakes you up gently and looking refreshed but also helps you manage a good night’s sleep. 

It contains some sleep sounds and noises that enhance your sleeping experience and work as a soft reading light (talk about a good night). You can schedule a wind-down routine to prevent sleeping while watching TV. 

If you’re a deep sleeper looking for something that shakes you out of that sweet dream, then Clocky alarm is the best choice. It is the loudest alarm you can find, and the best part: it’s on wheels!

This alarm on wheels will run around your room, changing directions and compelling you to wake up to shut it off. This Clocky alarm is considerably the most annoying yet best alarm clock you can find. 

Lights: Moving to the next step of the day, turning on the lights. With Philips Hue Smart Bulb, you will never need to flip the switch, as it can function through Google Assistant or Alexa. 

These lights can add up to lift your mood by adjusting their color and intensity. You can make the brightest room for your at-home workstation or sim the nights for the perfect movie night. These lights are the ideal addition to your home and comfortable lifestyle.

Shower: Couldn’t be more comprehensive in describing the importance of these must-have gadgets at every step of your daily life. The next in line are shower heads! 

This eminent shower system by Moen is my personal favorite. It can be controlled via your phone (Android or iOS) or use the wall-mounted digital controller. Adjust the desired temperature and enjoy a peaceful time during the shower, as this system ensures stable water temperature. 

Thermostat: The Ecobee Smart Thermostat will be the most functional addition to your home. Apart from adjusting the temperature according to your liking, this device assures cost savings of up to 26% per year.

Its features are countless, comes with a built-in Alexa or Siri speaker (whichever you choose) that allows you to make the most out of this gadget. Listen to the news or your Spotify with your voice only. 

It also has other features, including smoke alarm detection, sudden temperature drop, a break-alarm, or alerts if the air quality is too poor. 

Air Purifier: This is the age of Corona, and we’re living in the aftermath. If nothing, Corona made us more aware of our surroundings and the ways of transmission of diseases (Airborne in this case). 

People are more conscious of their home environment, booming the business of air purifiers. Other than the advantages of eliminating viruses and bacteria, it is also necessary to get rid of any dusty smell or allergens, especially if your own a dog. 

The Smartmi Air Purifier P1 is an affordable air purifier; and easy to move to a different room. It has a HEPA filter that removes any allergens or harmful substances in the air. 

Control it with the smartmi link app, Google Assistant or Alexa, and let the filter do its work. This air purifier can provide a healthy and fresh room every day.

Security Camera: This is an essential part of a technical renovation. With the hype of stranger things, I don’t want any Vecna at my doorstep while I blindly open the door. 

Blink Indoor security camera is the best fit for this situation. It runs on batteries, so no worries about cutting the main power off. It is easy to set up and use without professional help. You can use this indoor camera to see and hear live audio. 

It offers a two-way audio feature (talk to your pets at office breaks) and allows you to set up specific motion alerts, so it only notifies you when needed.

Vacuum: Last on the list of smart home devices you won’t want to live without is the WYZE Robot Vacuum. It works with an app where you can select a room to send this robot vacuum. 

It includes high-quality sensors that navigate your room to avoid obstacles and prevent falling. With the app, you can designate a no-go area, too. It is the best option for hardwood and carpets and includes a feature of ‘self-charging’ (Amazing, isn’t it?), where it goes back to the charging station once the work is complete or the charge is on the brink.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of other smart home devices that can add value to your home and lifestyle. But these gadgets may vary in price, while some can be very costly. Regardless, the ease of setting up a device matter the most.

You can decide what you want for your home and search for the right product according to your budget. You only need some of these smart devices to make your home tech-savvy but select the one that adds the most value to your home. You can get an intelligent security system to get your home updated.

In this article, we collected some of the best and most useful devices that are; affordable and offer a variety of features to make your life easier. We hope you find this article compelling to get your first smart home device today!


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