What You Need to Know Before Redesigning Your Home’s Exterior


If you’re tired of pulling into the same old looking home, you may have considered redesigning your home’s exterior. For some, merely changing up the siding may be enough of a change. For others, an entire facelift of the property may be in order. Either way, it’s vital that you know these four things before you get started.

Your Budget

You don’t want to jump into any minor or major project without first assessing your budget. Consider what you want to spend in the uplift of your home’s exterior. A lot can be done for a few hundred dollars. Even more renovations can be done with thousands of dollars. You need to determine what budget is reasonable for you to spend before you even attempt to get started.

What Contractors You’ll Use

Unless you plan on doing the work yourself, you’re going to need to hire some contractors. You should sit down and make a list of the different contractors you’ll need. For example, your list may include a siding contractor, painting contractor, landscaping contractor, and so forth. In some cases, you may just want to hire a general contractor who has connections with all of the other types of contractors you’ll need on your property.

What You Currently Don’t Like About It

The whole point of redesigning the exterior of your home is to end up with a design that you’ll love. You need to start that design process by identifying all of the parts of your home that you don’t currently like. By doing this, you can avoid ending up with a similar home exterior in the future.

Local Code Requirements

When it comes to any home renovation project, you must consider the local code requirements. Each area is a bit different from the next, so you should never rely on the requirements you know work in another area. Some popular code requirements that you may need to be aware of include the size of your front door, the setback line for landscaping additions, and some electrical requirements for outside lighting. If you’re hiring a contractor to do the renovation of your home’s exterior, they should be able to tell you what the local codes are for your area.


While you may be super excited to get started redesigning your home’s exterior, you need to stop for a moment. Take a deep breath and take in the information that we presented to you above. You want to ensure that you’re going into this project as prepared as possible.

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