Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Kitchen

Contributed by Preokupim Salihi

When I am hired to redesign a kitchen, the jobs usually fall into one of two types. The first step is to update the surfaces and finishes in the kitchen. The second option is a full kitchen redesign, which includes cabinets, copper tops, and appliances.

Whatever category your project fits into, there are certain common characteristics to consider.

It’s always a little intimidating for me to embark on a major redesign since I have so many design ideas floating around in my brain. But having gone through a major kitchen redesign before really helps since I learned a lot along the way. Today I’m presenting the kitchen makeover ideas from our prior kitchen remodel that I enjoyed and hope to use again! I hope it’s useful to anyone contemplating a major kitchen redesign or even just a few minor kitchen changes in the future.


Your budget will influence which possibilities are accessible to you. Shop cautiously, decide on the characteristics that are crucial to you, and then prioritize them. Then use this as a guide to help you manage your money.

If you can’t get what you want at a reasonable price, consider substituting pricey materials with a less expensive option. Painted cabinets, for example, are less costly than exotic woods. If personalized granite is out of your price range, you can substitute prefabricated granite countertops or granite tiles for custom-cut slabs.


These might be one of your more expensive components. Consider the following to get the desired look:

Collect photographs of kitchens, you like from publications or internet platforms; this can help you determine which style and finishes you like.

Include a combination of solid cabinet doors, glass doors, and open shelves to provide interest. If you prefer not to expose the contents of your cabinet, textured glass or transparent glass panels may be more to your liking.

Hang cabinets at various heights to add diversity and interest. The addition of a kitchen island in a different design and finish than the perimeter cabinets suggests that the kitchen has grown.

Consider painting the upper cabinets one color and the bottom cabinets another. Add turned pieces and brackets beneath top cabinets and “legs” tucked under bottom cabinet toe kicks to give the illusion of furniture.


Countertop Materials

There are several countertop materials to pick from: Granite and quartz are long-lasting and can endure anything from hot stoves to cutting, but they are pricey. Quartz does not require sealing on a regular basis, but granite does.

Marble and limestone are stunning, but they are porous, leaving them susceptible to stains and spills. They must be sealed on a regular basis, which might be inconvenient. Darker hues will assist to conceal certain stains.

Stainless steel is very unbreakable and sanitary, but if abused, it can seem cold and sterile.
Wood countertops, on the other hand, provide warmth to a kitchen. Check that they are properly sealed. I recommend using a sealer intended for maritime use.

Although laminate counters provide a wide range of options, they are not as long-lasting or sturdy as solid surfaces or stone. They are, nevertheless, a cost-effective solution. Some laminates are designed to seem like granite, marble, limestone, or quartz.


Lighting can make or ruin a room. Lighting, when placed correctly, can make your cabinets shine and your stainless appliances gleam. Track lighting should take the place of that unsightly single central light fixture. Make sure it has five or six lights so that you can cast light around the space.

Consider recessed lighting if it is within your budget. The counter below and the interior of your cabinets will be illuminated if the lights are placed 12 inches from the cabinets and centered on the doors. Under-mount cabinet lighting for your perimeter cabinets adds atmosphere and might be useful when working in the kitchen.

Pendant lights are a terrific way to bring color and flair to your kitchen and may be placed over islands and sinks. Small lights put in your cabinet toe kicks can provide an intriguing glow to your kitchen while also serving as nightlights. Remember to include dimmers in your lights so that you may change the ambiance and focal points of your kitchen as needed.


You may easily spend a small sum on appliances. Before you begin your kitchen design, go to an appliance store and look at what is available and how much it costs.

Many useful features are available at even relatively low prices, so prioritize what is crucial to you. Before constructing the kitchen layout, you must determine what size appliances you will include.

The final word

For a good end, careful planning and attention to detail are required. Wall coverings, accessories, and hardware may all be simply updated to reflect current trends. Choose cabinets, appliances, and countertops with care because you will be living with them for a long time.


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