Six Tips to Maintain Your Dog’s Health In Hot Climate

Dogs of all ages can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke during the hot summer months, especially when left in vehicles or exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. So it’s important to keep your dog cool and hydrated during this time. Here are six tips that will help you maintain your pet dog’s health in a hot climate:

Groom your dog

Grooming helps you bond with your pet and also allows you to spot any health problems early on. Grooming can help you keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy, which in turn will help them stay cool during the hot summer months.

You should take your dog outside every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes in a shady spot or by a pool or water feature that they like to play in. This way they get some exercise and fresh air as well as keeping them cool!

Keep your pet hydrated

Dogs are not as efficient at regulating their temperature as humans are. Therefore, in hot weather, they cannot sweat and pant like we do to cool themselves down, so it’s important that you provide plenty of water for them. In addition to washing your dog regularly, consider getting your dog a water bottle (or several) with a drinking tube attached so they can drink using the same method they would use while out on a walk.

Take care of the paws

When it comes to maintaining your dog’s health, you cannot forget about their paws. The paws are an important part of a dog’s body because they have sweat glands and blood vessels that can get damaged if not cared for properly.

Here are some tips for maintaining your pet dog’s paws:

  • Clean the pads of its feet regularly. If you want to clean them yourself, then do it every day after playing with water or mud. If you don’t want to do this manually, you can also buy a special brush that will help clean the pads properly without hurting them.
  • Use Vaseline on calluses and cracked pads; never use salt or ice cubes as these can cause pain in dogs because they have sensitive skin!

The dog should live in a healthy and clean environment

Dogs should have an area in your house where they can retreat from the heat and sun. This area should be cool and not drafty, with ample shade. Keep their water bowl full at all times, so they do not go thirsty during the day. 

A healthy and clean environment is necessary for a dog because otherwise, it can get sick. During the summer, it would be best to call a pest control service, such as Pest 2 Kill, to destroy mites, bugs, and parasites that can harm your pet.

Don’t leave your pet unattended in the car

You might be surprised to learn that a dog can get heat stroke in your car. In addition, if you leave them unattended for too long, they might also become dehydrated or carsick. Even more dangerous is the possibility that your dog could become bored, anxious, and scared while you’re out of sight. To avoid these misfortunes:

Never leave your pet unattended in a hot vehicle (either parked or moving). If you must take your dog into an air-conditioned building from a hot climate, walk him first so he doesn’t overheat once inside—and don’t forget to hydrate him! It’s critical for their health and well-being that dogs drink plenty of water during the summer months; otherwise, their bodies will go into shock from dehydration.

Monitor the amount of food your pet consumes

As with people, the amount of food that a dog needs to maintain health depends on its level of activity. If your pet is overweight, decrease the amount of food you give it. If your pet is underweight or inactive, increase the amount of food you give it. A good rule of thumb for determining how much food to feed your dog is based on its ideal weight: feed a puppy five times per day until they weigh 10 pounds; then drop back down to four times per day until they reach 15 pounds, and then feed three times per day until the puppy reaches adulthood (at about 18 months old).

We all have a responsibility to our dogs and it’s up to us to make sure they live long healthy lives. So always remember these tips: keep them hydrated and groomed, check their paws and nails, monitor their food intake, and give them enough rest. Don’t forget that they deserve as much love as we do!

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