How To Be a Responsible Dog Breeder

If you have a purebred dog with a great temperament, you may be tempted to breed her so you can produce a litter of puppies with similar characteristics. You can often sell purebred puppies for a good price and know that they are going to responsible owners, but before undertaking such a challenge, you should understand that breeding is a big commitment. Here are five things you should do to be a responsible dog breeder.

Learn About Genetics

If you choose to become a dog breeder, your goal should always be to improve the genetics of the breed. Before you begin the breeding process, you need to understand how genetics work so you can strive for desirable characteristics to be passed down from the parents to the puppies. Do your research to understand the individual genetics of the breed you are working with so you can improve it with puppies that embody all of the physical characteristics of the breed while being sound with great temperaments.

Choose the Right Stud

It isn’t enough to just choose a mate of the same breed as your dog. If your goal is to improve the breed, you need a pair of dogs with great temperaments, pedigrees, and looks. You also need to choose a mate that is sound and healthy. Breeders often settle for a mate with good temperament as this reduces the chances of having to find an Oakland dog bite lawyer because of the puppies, but the physical criteria for a suitable mate are equally important.

Check Your Dog’s Health Before Breeding

You should always have your dog screened by a veterinarian before breeding her. At the initial screening before breeding your dog for the first time, the veterinarian should evaluate her form and make sure she has no underlying health issues that could be passed to her puppies. Before each subsequent breeding, your dog should have bloodwork done so you know she is in top health when you breed her.

Socialize Puppies Soon After They Are Born

Puppies should begin socializing when they are just three weeks of age to create a solid foundation for trust with people. As a breeder, you will be responsible for introducing the puppies to people and showing them how to interact with new sights and smells. It is also a good idea to introduce the puppies to as many people as possible so they can become happy, confident adult dogs once they move on to their new homes.

Make Sure the Puppies Find Good Homes

Most people who are willing to pay for a purebred puppy are wonderful pet owners, but you should still do a little research to ensure your puppies are going to loving homes once they leave you. Schedule appointments for the prospective new owners to meet the puppies before they buy so you can make sure they interact with the puppies appropriately. This also allows them to choose the puppy that has the best-fitting personality for their families.

Breeding dogs is a big responsibility but it can be rewarding. Performing these steps every time you produce a litter can help you become a responsible dog breeder.

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