14 Kitchen Necessities for 2020

Make the heart of your home run like a dream with these kitchen necessities!

Kitchen Necessities for 2020

The kitchen is a long-standing hub in our homes. It’s where my family gathers every morning before rushing out the door and where we land each evening before calling it a day. We’ve had laughs, we’ve had arguments, we’ve had spills (lots of spills), and we’ve made memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. We feed our bodies and our hearts in the same spot every day. I’ve compiled a list of things that have become kitchen necessities for me to make sure we can spend more time enjoying each other!

Kitchen Necessities for Cleaning


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Keeping a clean kitchen is paramount to making sure everyone can gather and enjoy themselves. There’s not much fun in gathering with family in a dirty space… at least for this mama! Here are some products that I keep on hand to make sure my kitchen is ready for my family to come together.

Taken For Granite – Granite Cleaner

Let’s start at the top! Keeping the counter space uncluttered and clean is the first step to keeping a clean and tidy kitchen. My kitchen bar can be a hotspot in my kitchen. Making sure it’s uncluttered and wiped down every evening ensures a smooth morning of breakfast and lunch packing! I love this natural stone cleaner from Red’s Gone Green, it’s keeping my counters clean, and shiny, and it smells divine!

Probiotic Wipes and Fly Punch

It’s almost that time of year… we live on a farm. We absolutely LOVE the farm life but not necessarily everything that comes with it. The spring months bring with them some pesky little creatures that like to set up a hangout in my kitchen. I have fallen in love with the FlyPunch from Aunt Fannie’s. No more irritating little gnats or flies in my kitchen! 

These Probiotic wipes are great to wipe up spills and clean my countertops! I love the scents they come in, add the fact that these wipes are nontoxic and I am SOLD! So many of our cleaners are causing more harm than good! Thank you Aunt Fannie for giving us “Clean” cleaners!

Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaners

Killing 99.9% of bacteria has been selling many cleaners for many years, but are these cleaners really work? Sure they’re cleaning lots of bacteria, BUT not all bacteria are BAD! While we’re getting rid of the “bad” bacteria, we are also getting rid of the “good” bacteria! Counter Culture is changing the way I clean – chemical free! Cleaners that improve my health… YES PLEASE!

Air Purifiers


These Purifying bags from California Home Goods are saving our noses. With many uses, we have chosen to place them in my middle child’s work boots. Our mud room is right off of our kitchen and the odor from his boots permeates the air thru the kitchen on a daily basis. YUCK! These Purifying bags are keeping the stink out of my kitchen and trust me – it is a beautiful thing!

Air Purifier Monitor

Breathe easier knowing you and your family are breathing clean air. This air monitor from iCAIR ensures that we aren’t taking in pollutants thru the air. I love making sure that I am cooking in a clean environment. Being able to monitor remotely brings peace of mind even when I can’t be at home all of the time. 

Beessential Natural Hand Soap

Soap is a must-have in every kitchen. However, do you know what’s really in your soap? This all-natural soap from Beessential is truly cleaning our hands and not causing harm while doing it. And the scents they offer are fantastic! There is an entire line of products to choose from check them out here!  I’ve been using this hand cream and it is fabulous, especially during these winter months.

Kitchen Necessities for Cooking

Topsy Turkey Bird Cooker

We eat a lot of chicken at our house… a lot. Chicken wings, Chicken strips, Chicken fajitas, Chicken casserole… you get the idea. The one chicken I can never get right (until now) is the whole roasted chicken. It’s always been dry in the past. This little metal hoop has brought juicy goodness to my chicken like I’ve never had! It’s all about the position – it’s really genius. Get your Topsy Turvy Chicken roaster today – you can thank me later.

Instant Pot

This little gem has become my very best friend. I can put dinner in to cook in the morning and be ready to eat when I get home. Or if I don’t have time to put it in before I leave to take the kids to school and I start working, I can have dinner ready in a matter of a few minutes with the pressure cooking setting. If you haven’t joined the instant pot club yet, just do it! It really is a kitchen necessity!

Chef Knife

All good kitchens need a great knife, look no further. This all-purpose chef knife from NoBox  Tools is perfect for chopping veggies, trimming chicken, or carving that juicy steak. The handle is shaped perfectly for ease of use. It comes with a great sheath to keep the knife protected.

Healthy Snacks Accessible

When we are really hungry, we tend to grab what’s the easiest. I’ve been trying to keep healthy snacks chopped, diced, and readily available for our family. It makes it so much easier to make healthy choices when the options are right in front of us!

Glass Straws from HeartStraws

I love keeping my insulated cup of water with me at all times. I’ve tried to keep straws from restaurants but they wear with time. Not anymore! These glass straws from HeartStraws come with a cute pouch and a cleaning brush to keep them sanitary. 

Kitchen Decor

“Happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Family Photos

People make a house a home. I love this reminder, especially in the heart of the home! Place a photo of your family gathered around the table in the kitchen, not a formal posed picture, but one of you living life and enjoying each other!

Comfy Chairs

If you have room in your kitchen, place a couple of chairs that are comfy, for your family and friends to crash in. We have a bay window with two club chairs in it, we’ve had some good conversations while waiting for a meal to finish up in those chairs! 

Fashionable Floor Mat

Every kitchen needs at least one of these super cute rugs to step up the decor! It was love at first sight when I pulled this vinyl floormat by EOS from its packaging. The design is timeless and it’s super comfy on my ever-aching feet. I love how easy it is to clean. It’s been splattered with spaghetti and had soda spilled on it so far, and it cleans up like a dream!


What are your kitchen necessities? What can you not do without?  I would love to hear what’s on your list for 2020! 


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