How to Avoid Heavy Metals in Your Makeup

Metals, in high dosages, can be harmful to the body. These metals can enter the body in different ways, like through your makeup. The following are a few tips that could help you avoid this issue and help keep your skin free from damage.

Natural Path

As more people become interested in natural makeup, more products are made without traces of heavy metals. Keep in mind that natural makeup may have a different learning curve as the materials may smooth out and blend differently than talcum-based favorites. So be prepared to spend some time trying to learn how to use some of these products. Natural make up can be found at Bare Minerals, Lush, Ulta and you can even find brands like Physicians Formula at the drugstore.

Manufacturing Practices

Those who do not want to deal with issues like free radical damage that could lead to premature wrinkles may want to start doing more research. Yes, doing deep research sessions is work, but it will help you learn about the manufacturing practices of the makeup product you are interested in.  For example, some makeup brands manufacture their products with a stainless steel wire mesh supplier as they filter product. Stainless steel is known for being more resistant to corrosion and protection from oxidation which causes rust. You don’t want rust residues in your makeup. Recently makeup from Dollar Tree, Claire’s and other popular tween stores have been under fire for their manufacturing practices. These traces of heavy metals can leave you with rashes and chemical burns.  Knowledge alone can help steer you away from makeup products that contain heavy metals. Even if you don’t know the manufacturer, research the brand itself before you buy a new product line you haven’t experienced yourself.

Detailed Inspection

You should consider learning about some of the common heavy metals found in makeup products. Learning about these or having a handy list on your phone can help you read labels to know which make up products to avoid. Some of the most common heavy metals found in makeup include lead, aluminum, zinc, chromium, mercury, arsenic, and iron. Try your best to stay away from these whenever you see them.

Hopefully, some of these points make it easier for you to avoid heavy metals in makeup. You are going to have to spend more time on the make up aisle to know what to avoid. Try and find a dupe if you’ve had a reaction to a favorite product. Get to know which brands have a manufacturing process you trust that works with your skin. Different people have adverse reactions to different ingredients in different products, so just because it worked for someone doesn’t mean you should continue to use a product if you see redness or soreness. Throw it out and find a dupe or new favorite. You can get a new palette, but it’s best to take care of your skin.

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