How to Keep Those Easy-To-Lose Items Right Where They Belong

Most people have spent several frustratingly long minutes searching for something that is urgently needed. In some situations, this type of stressful experience has extended for days or weeks. This usually happens when you placed something in an area where it does not belong. Many people are absentminded or distracted when this happens. Some items are easier to lose than others, such as your car keys or smartphone. By taking a few smart steps, you can decrease the chance of being in this unpleasant situation in the future.

Give Everything Its Own Place

Some items do not have a place of their own, such as your smartphone. Instead, they are placed in any convenient location that you can find. Rather than move things around as needed, give your items a specific home. For example, your garage remote should ideally be stored in your car rather than toted around in your purse, pocket or other areas. This can help you to avoid having to order a garage remote replacement urgently.

Install Hooks and Latches

Smaller items are easy to misplace as well. For example, your car keys may be tossed randomly when you walk in the front door, or they may sink to the bottom of a purse. A dog leash may seem to disappear. Umbrellas, gloves, hats and other items may also get misplaced easily and may not currently have a place of their own. Invest in small hooks and latches so that each of these items and other essentials have a dedicated place. This can also help you to stay more organized and decrease clutter at home.

Use Audio Features

Numerous audio features can be used to track or locate various items. You may use your car key remote to help you locate your car in a crowded parking lot. Likewise, you can install a beeping device on your car keys that you may activate from your smartphone, by whistling or in other ways. You may also call your smartphone from another device in order to locate it in your home. These are only some of the ways that sound may be used to avoid losing much-needed items.

In most cases, you do not realize that something is missing until you reach for it and it is not there. When these are essential items, like a garage door remote, car keys or something similar that provides essential functionality to your life, you can easily feel stressed by your predicament. Each of these tips may help you to avoid being in these situations going forward.

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