What is the Best Time to Let Your Child Go to Daycare?

Wondering if it is the right time to send your child to daycare? Plenty of people have asked the same thing. Here we try to answer the exact question.

Many researchers suggest that the earliest time that you can send your kid to childcare brighton is at 12 months old by the time you enroll him/her. Childcare brighton will gladly receive your one year old child to care for but this might not always be the best time to do so.

In today’s society where both mom and dad have to go to work to have enough to feed the family, it common to leave their children to the care of daycare centers. In cases such as these, it is of utmost importance to find a partner establishment where you can leave your kids without worry and continue working throughout the day with peace of mind. As long as you find the right center with the best qualified staff that has adequate caretaker issues, this can surely be done.

However old you decide to enroll your child at the daycare center, it will always be difficult for the both of you. The first few days, weeks, and even months might be a constant struggle. You should always try to look forward and give your utmost trust to the daycare and after a while, it will feel normal for both you and your child.

How early is too early when enrolling kids in childcare?

When deciding when to start your preschool learning for your child, it is important to note that it is not always the same for every kid. Specifically, how your kid will respond when he is away from home or away from you. A norway based study has concluded that when you start leaving your child to the care of other people at very young stages of his/her development, it can negatively affect his/her stress levels.

The same study found out that the best time to enroll a child in childcare brighton is after he has reached 12 months of age. Doing so will allow the child to reap the most benefits of preschool and would limit the drawbacks.

There are generally two factors that affected the result of the said study. Irregardless of age, these factors affect how a child will adjust to daycare. First, how long do they stay in daycare everyday. And second, how they response to stressful situations as a child.

For how long will your child be coming to daycare everyday?

For a kid that goes to daycare, these time will greatly contribute to how your child ultimately develops. The time they spend here will be a main factor in deciding when you should decide to enroll your kid. It has been noted that children that spend more time at daycares appear to be more stressed that spend less time there. This is according to a study done to kids who are one to three years old. They compared two sets of children. One were left at daycare for the whole day as their mom had to work a full time job. While the other one had moms working part time and needed only to leave their child for half the time.

Cortisol levels which indicate the amount of stress a child is undergoing to has dramatically risen to children who spend entire days at daycare compared to those who spend all day, or at least a significant amount of time at home. The experiments yielded the same results regardless of age, gender, nature, and even the kinds of daycare they were enrolled in. Out of all the differing factors, one that stood out to have contributed the most difference is the age. It concluded with the statement that cortisol levels are at the highest level for children who are under three years old and spend entire days at childcare.

Is your child feeling stressed?

Children tend to feel varying levels of stress. Calm and well behaved kids will normally thrive in environments where there are many other kids their age whom they can socialize with. While kids that often feel anxiety towards other being away from home or their guardian will be more easily susceptible to stress.

What do you gain if you enroll your child in childcare?

If you decide to enroll your kid and you think he/she has the right temperament and age, these are the benefits that may help you.

  1. Socialization. Studies have proven that kids need a stage in their life where they can interact with other kids their age. These are often invaluable experiences especially for toddlers that they can carry over towards the next stages of their learning and development. Children will learn different values that would translate to school like sharing, being well behaved, use communication to solve problems and learn more about empathy.
  2. Physical Health. The best time to build your kid’s immunization is while he/she is still young and is capable of rebuilding any damages that could have been done to his/her organs or tissues. Being around many children that may have contracted diseases is the best way to gain immunization from them. This will, however be a harrowing experience for you especially if you are a first time parent. The first few days, in particular, will be very difficult in trying to cope with the fact that your child is sick.
  3. Learning. Part of enrolling your kid in preschool is to prepare him for when he/she goes to school. The amount of materials that can be taught to your child at centers should be invaluable when he steps into formal learning.
  4. More time. Being a working parent is never an easy job. Having free time is rare and thus, what little that you would be afforded by time off of work should not all be taken by your kid. You should use the time to get yourself a break.
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